Love and Caring
Crystal Castles Lyrics

Here's my genius plan
To make superior man
Anatomically built
This half corpse can't guilt

Say goodbye
To your incest eyes
Blue blood
Say why shattered glass
Makes shattered ribs
Never heard when it's time to guilt

Until the bottom of winter blues
You're my teacup passing by
Doctor dead
And his kids
Oh, how awful it was today

The sounds of screaming
Save us please
Open wounds
Drowned in Kerosene

What the fuck is this?
Oh, it's the bass

So, what do you think of me?
Is it a joke
Or a part of me?

I'm just saying
May your face
Minimize the human race
This way we can be together
Make threats to switchblade lovers

Okay baby
It's been so long
Since the cityscape had episodes

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Comments from YouTube:


i dont know why is everyone complaining about the vocals, i think its perffect.


True asf


@p bruh the video w/o her vocals has 2.6m views the one with her vocals only has 373k it honestly irritates me idgiiii

Dima K

Its just unique as fuck. Theyre on an album called "fuck dance lets art". Its an atari synthesizer chip and punk vocals accompanying it. May sound grating if its not your thing

Greg Medina

people dissing the vocals need to chill thats like half the magic


@Auriel shut up, just don't listen

Gothic Sin

@Auriel yeah I fucking wonder why probably because of the pain from the abuse she went through mental physical and sexual ..... Yeah makes sense don't it

I Garrett

People who listen to CC for only the ‘pretty’ stuff ARE LAME


@Auriel thats the point


Yeah, sure. It's doing a lot of magic hurting my ears.

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