Crystal Castles Lyrics

Scars, in you, son
You shrug it off
Except that you don't

Better, it surely
It don't fall out
I live low
I lisp, i die
Sugar shooting
Bled with deadbeats
Only crawl
So your sad eyes
Quite christian

Drop it, it's dead
We drop it
And took the body home
Sad eyes

Scars, i'm chopping dagger
See you'll never walk
Only stagger.
Sad eyes
Quite christian

Writer(s): Ethan Kath, Alice Glass

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Comments from YouTube:

Lemon Water

I'll protect you from all the things I've seen


that phrase in the song it was in really stuck with me.. the child inside of me really felt it strongly. another reason to shield her from the wrath of the world.


this one is always so sad to me.


Susan Boyle looking lovely there in green..."don't spike my drink"!!!!

Connor W.

Keep coming back this video and it always makes me cry

Summoned Skull

agreed. Melancholy in the search of lost time

Mateusz Majewski

This video is brilliant. Whoever did that is a genius.

Alex wathogoma

Me when nobody is home

Swinushka Hrushkina

Иосиф Виссарионыч был знатным тусовщиком


spotkanie kstykquality

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