Cut Capers Lyrics

er man
mate over there
mate you got a light mate
nah mate seriously bruv
mate you got a light have you
yeah have you got a light tho mate

A man with a stanza
Caught in the can so i'm gripping that Orangjebooooom
I stuck in that room and i'm tryna sing a tune like LA LA LA LA LA
And yeah im at the bottom of the stairs
an i've been there singing that

Yeah attention yeah yeah you listen up
Yo I need a mans help
i've been feeling kinda stuck
I've been down on my luck
I've been looking for that light
I've been searching all my night
Slide straight to the crush like
This guys got no brain
No range and thought processes sideways

Searching around saying use me but

Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a light

Yeah evenings getting lighter
The summers got me hyper
Down to the Apple for a graple with the cider and
Time of the year yeah a spring in your step
With a lit cigarette
Naaaaw it's gone out
Can I trouble you for a spark
I'll be lighting in the dark
In the carpark with my staffcard
Next to the
When i
But now is my last chance to lose
Fuel is you
You got the answer to the question in this tune
And i've been running round these streets since noon
so please can i use your lighter
Just needs a slight touch
See my whole cigarette light up
My minds stuck,
But now the low feels lighter
My eyes shut try to
Navigate the
I just need some time for this guy to provide a

Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a lighter
Can I get a light

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Gaffney

Amazing song. Lead singer is immense. I know he’s left the band now. But hopping there just as good!❤️

Cut Capers

Thanks Mark! Come and check us out at a show soon and find out!! x

Jake Brook

Your music is so under rated, guys! You deserve so much more publicity than you get! Keep this amazing music up!


1st time: It's okay. Maybe I'll listen just once more.
4th time: Man, this be JAMMIN.
This song really grew on me.


Love this song, so catchy and unique!

Mark Gaffney

That lead singer is dropping bars!!! Amazing song!!!

Hip Hop Love

You guys are amazing :-)

Ronny Verhoeven

Love you and your music guys and girls , you 're such a wonderfull bunch , each time we meet it's party time and we love it !


I love your music, greetings from Mexico

Cut Capers

Big up Mexico! 🤙🙌🎶

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