Shooter McGavin
D-Why Lyrics

Tag me in, swag me out random girls they ask me out
Nasty mouths, clean apartments, until we fuck on the couch
I'ma go in, let me go in…crazy time, goodnight world
I don't mess with coke, but I woke up next to some white girl
I'm going harder than Shawn and Dwayne Carter and
Shit starting an argument with everybody barging in
I'm stunting like my father, I go further and farther
You're hard on your daughter, but I'm hard in your daughter
Ahh, pardon me, I'm hard to see, you half asleep I have to be
Creating a masterpiece, dressed in black a master thief
00 No trouble tho, address me as David Bond
Waiting on my double-double who'da though it'd take this long?
I kill the game like Bundy, we getting extra stunty
Every day feels like a Friday, but we fuck like its a hump day
I don't even try like Sunday, you got me more stressed than Monday
I do it all in one day I'm sure you'll do it some day
With a chick named Wednesday, she got me in the worst way
We kill the fucking game and call it Hurse Day, ya' heard me?
And all my dudes be all about them trees like it's Earth Day
Celebrate, 'cause it's somebody's birthday, I'm thirsty
Macchiato, macchiato, where my macchiato at? Hey!

What up, what up, what up, what up (Hey)
What up, what up, what up, what up (Hey)

I'm, somewhere, chilling, in, places you can't be at
Who is he? D-Whizzy, oh man I be that
Dude on the scene when I rap on the track, when I do it like this can you do it like that?
Can you flow like me? You can't flow like me, you can't go like me, you should grow like me
I'm Chuck Bass meets Chuck D, fuck you, no fuck me
Wait, I mean fuck you, and she can fuck me
I'm chillin' with some baddies, so you should be my caddy
'Cause these Shooter McGavin dudes don't want me to be Happy
She got tan skin, thick hips, dark hair, D-Cups
You D-Bags can suck on D's nuts—D-up
I'm playing like a champion, go hammer like a handyman
So hype give me an Ambien and rush me an ambulance
I'll be there with bells on, El will have an L lit
And I'll be acting so selfish I won't even turn my cell off
S-w-a-g, m-e-t-h-e-f-u-c-k-out bitch, watch me get my spell on
'Cause I'm in it, I'm on it, I'm gonna stop now
She keeps breathin' heavy says, “any minute, but not now”
Hop down, turn around, grab ahold of them curtains now
And let me grab ahold and put that body on a gurney now

What up, what up, what up, what up (Hey)
What up, what up, what up, what up (Hey)

I'm Ralph Lauren meets Lauryn Hill, baby I am more than ill
And it be takin' more than skill, when you go in for the kill
Throw 'em out the fucking crib, treat 'em like I'm Uncle Phil
So much hype around these guys, but somehow they are boring still
Shit, I ain't being mean, I'm just being me
And that's the E.N.D
But if you want it slow, girl we can take it slow
And if you want it fast, I'll give it to you fast
'Cause, I, be, stuntin' and lovin' it, 'bout to have fun again
While you are wondering, lay in the sun again
With some friends and a wallet with money in, everything I do they laugh like it's funny
'Bout to crash like a dummy in the back with a bunny
Don't get mad get money
Life's sweet like honey
Beat the beat like I'm running
You can hear me comin'
In the near future, baby it's nothing
We make up, we make out, I'll make due
They tell me D, a lot of people don't know what to make of you
I'm Jay-Z, meets J. Christ, meets Jay Leno, meets J.Crew
Had a break down, we broke up, so now I break through
But if you want it slow, girl we can take it slow
And if you want it fast, I'll give it to you fast

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Comments from YouTube:

Whatever Forever

Miss dwhy ... he had something good going for him... idk why he dropped off the face of the earth


Listen to f-350 boyyyy

Caleb Pritt

Makes music under David Morris


Check out David’s new project

Playback Beats

Such an insane song!

Ludo shad moss

I want a Mixtapeeeeeeee damn he's crazy and so class niceeee dude

Whatever Forever

Guys if you like this song listen to his other song "ballad of an asshole"

Larissa Ferreira

Heard this song a long time ago and decided to download it. Got curious today and decided to look up this guy to see what he looks like and oh my goodness what a stud!

Justin Rolland

shoutout for making my entire young adulthood better. from 15* to 24.


I was supposed to be listening but... I fell in love with his jacket <3 Real love.

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