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Mellow Beats
D.Core Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by D.Core:

In Hell You call us weirdos, call us crazy Say what you want,…
Influence So you can suck my dick if you don't like,…
ocean deep How much do I love you? I'll tell you no lie How…
something like this You know what I think heaven is I think heaven is you You…

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Comments from YouTube:


As a jazz musician has once claimed, Lo-Fi Hip Hop is the greatest jazz music we can ever achieve.

Markus Arike

He must have been being ironic because LoFi Hiphop takes from jazz but leaves the best part: the virtuosity, improvisation and human feel. LoFi Hiphop is a step away from Muzak, tbh.


brother in jazz bassist and I make LoFi, it is truly a form of jazz


@Christian Contreras 06 sus4 is not a major nor a minor chord


Finn L There’s no soul in lofi hiphop? I don’t know what artists you listen to but I have found soul and all types of feelings while listening to it.

Zamiel Lema

@Zelgeon that's a different genera

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kb productions

Do a full play thru so we can hear it in context at the end thnx

Roger Lopez

how couldn't you'll hear the chords at the beginning? pop some damn headphones on

Gabe B

kb productions y’all can’t hear that?😂 the chords are on the screen and you can use you’re imagination for creating new rhythms and voicings

Jim Nassar

I recommend you to play the chords at the beginning without any beat along. People are here for the chords... keep up the good work!

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