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D.Core Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by D.Core:

In Hell You call us weirdos, call us crazy Say what you want,…
Influence So you can suck my dick if you don't like,…
ocean deep How much do I love you? I'll tell you no lie How…
something like this You know what I think heaven is I think heaven is you You…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Eternally Angelic makes a good point... Elite is broken in many respects.

If it was a space dogfighting sim, then it works well. And for people who play it just for the kills, it's a rewarding 'dip-in' experience. But the depth ends there! Everything else is a cardboard cut-out of an MMO.

I mean, it's not a universe with a point... there's no community mechanic, no cooperative requirement that binds people to the game... and no challenge other than combat. Sure, you can make money … so much money you have trouble ever finding a reason for it. But without any real purpose it lacks any value.

I played several sessions and had every ship in the game and was just waiting on rank to grab the others... but then what? There is barely any sense of achievement. You're not defending systems as they change alliances... you're not collaboratively mining resources to build or protect a player owned station... nothing that makes Eve such an open and evolving world.

Ships come so easy it's stupid. And, if you lose them you just get them back for peanuts. So, there's no sense of loss at all... except for your cargo, which isn't needed anywhere by anybody. So, it's no surprise that most people quit hauling cargo. It has no value. Stop hauling cargo and there's no sense of danger at all - die, press the play button and go again!

So, it devolves into an arcade game, but where you're not even risking you quarter! It's so far from the rich immersive world Braben was aiming for.

Don't get me wrong, I do love the game... but it's a love/hate relationship. I want to hand-pilot the ships in Eve, sure! But in Elite, despite getting my hands on the HOTAS, I miss just about everything else about Eve that makes it a community I'm still deeply invested in 15 years later!!!

Think about that... 15 years later and I'm STILL growing in eve! I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent in subs … but to stop playing would be to give up on 15 years of hard-won achievements and letting down a close group of friends that need me.

Conversely, 15 hours in Elite and pretty much the only thing left to do is grind for engineers before settling down into the only mechanic that works... the combat sim.

I'm not saying that combat sucks - I love combat. But I love it more when it has a point. In Eve, you're constantly aware of truly existential threats... where you are in three months from now is governed by the small actions you take every day... so, you band together and have people watching your back. There's a real sense that you cannot really survive in Eve without a team.

Oh, and I play in VR (another thing Elite has messed up on BTW) ... the stars are painted on a sphere that feels like it's about 5 metres away which destroys the immersion and fatigues you quickly. Another missed opportunity for a game-changing moment.

Put bluntly, it's a shallow FPS and not the MMO it set out to be.

Elite could (and should) have been so much more. Like Star Citizen it's failing to deliver on a big promise. Now... if we could blend Elites combat with Eve's immersive open world... well... THEN we'd have a game!

But hopefully this isn't the end of the Elite franchise. Hopefully someone can finally tie combat/flight mechanics, community and an open persistent world together... and I'd love that to be in the Elite name...

… been waiting 35 years... y'ever the feeling you've been stood up? ; )

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Lil Bin

Ngl that guy trying to block the airlock had some mad ship control and brakes

Adam Cyrus

@Timo T Are they idiots for wanting to do something aside from mining in this game? Because Elite is basically a mining simulator, and every other activity is sub optimal after that. That's the developers fault, just to be clear.

Timo T

Joey Vibes Naaah! :/ I’m just jealous! As I haven’t got any pirate ships on ky own, even that I tried to annex lot of them. But those slippery bastards always manage to outran me! I want to get touch others TOO!!! :(

Joey Vibes

@Timo T god its almost like you where offended by that one pilot in the vette. u got some deep tramatic past with pirates or something? lol did they touch u

Dark Phoenix

@Timo T Pure genius

Timo T

@Dark Phoenix Naah! Obviously he was just some wannabe-pirate that does pirating just as a hobby and other than that he just mostly mine? Thats how he could afford a Vette :P

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Pirates need to work for your haul as much as you did getting it. If they can't catch you, that's on them. There is no honor amongst thieves.

Daniel Perenyi

GB3770 Exactly. Use those imps for what are they excel: speed. When I was cruising in my Courier in Open, someone interdicted amd tried to kill me. Since I had no experience countering interdictions or submitting then bailing, I learned the hard way that a FAS can punch holes in my hull - but I got away and after a quick repair, I was able to turn the tables against him.

When I got my Vette from the chinese market, I went to the engieneers. Not in their system but before that I was interdicted by a Ferdie. I submitted and tried to reason with him in chat. I knew that I have no chance against a fully kitted FDL with my stock Vette so I was sitting in my ship, engines stopped and the adversary CMDR stopped attacking after he saw my message in local and realized that this ship is indeed a “stock” ship with A grade modules, without engieneering, fresh out of the shipyard. So he let me go. Later the ship was blew up by some douchebag when I was done by an engieneer and I was attacked out of the no fire zone.


only an idiot would not run in that ship! play to your strengths - its fast -gogogogog!


Yeah, the CMDR took the hard road and it paid off. Was it reckless? sure... stupid even? maybe! But he pulled it off! At the end of the day, he posted 1bn credits worth of Void Opals through the mailslot and the pirates went home hungry. But there'll be other hauls.

I think about it this way - if every hauler submitted life would be no fun for the pirates! They'd go from adrenaline fuelled pirates to fairly bored tax collectors.

So, the chase makes the game... and this CMDR gave them a chase they'll remember for a long time : ))))

It isn't cowardice to run... it's cowardice to stop, bend over and unscrew the lube for them so they don't get their fingers greasy.

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