Bugz 97
D12 Lyrics

Fuck that!
Who run shit once these drums hit?
You dove headfirst into some old dumb shit
Here's a can of asswhip, for you to come get
Your click made they trip, I make them hoes suck mint
Ask them girl, they know the scoop, don't fuck with Bugz bitch
I chop off her titty, have you sucking one tit
Them pink belly niggas, is who you run wit
Making half-ass songs, shitty snares and one kick
I hate your damn sound, don't like it one bit!
You could make a double album, won't have one hit!
Your entire outfit is on some bullshit
And there's not a damn one that I can't outwit
I ad-mit, that my style is unfit
For momma's baby boy, because I'm on some dumb shit
Like I commit, larceny, give harm quick
You pull the alarm switch I stab you in your armpit
Now who the nitwit wanna come get wit
This egotistic hip-hop fundamentalistic
Don't risk it, you get your shit split
Now keep your distance, and keep existence
I'm persistent when it comes to bend shit
Smoke the blunt with my judge right before my sentence
I'm relentless, to deny is senseless
Your bitch pay my bill, that's where the hell your rent went!
Fuck that!

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Comments from YouTube:

Sheriff K

No matter how much time passes, this is still stuck in my head, and still fire..

Nu Focus

bugz murdered this beat deffo my fav tract from d12 world

Brian Hunter



Classic spittery

Gabe Garfield


Noah Linton

First heard this back in 2011 and here i am in 2019 still singing this song at least once a week 😂 bugz was on some next level shit

Luke Foord

RIP. Still hot today, timeless

Collin Sanderson

@Acid Wisp fuck off he has other songs and you're assuming everyone here only knows one. I bet you only know this one

Acid Wisp

You only know one song. Get real man. 

The Lone Wanderer

Only if he had lived. He had great skills that the world didn’t get the chance to appreciate.
RIP Bugz

“Word to my _ Bugz, punks like you get beat up, stomped unconscious and smacked with the heater”

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