That's How
D12 Lyrics

This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up
This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up

If you a loud mouth
Trying to wild out
And we see just
How you laying
And we peep your style out
(You a punk)
When you chilling out in
Front of your truck
And get stuck

That's how n****s
Get f***ed up

No love at home
With your in-folks
And the world just keeps
F***ing with your mental
And all these kids making fun
Of your trench coat

That's how students
Get shot up

Hating on us but
You come to our show
(F*** them n****s)
I crowd surf and you let me go
Oh no
Whip your as* when
I get off the floor
Just so you know though

That's how haters get f***ed up
When the police pull you over
And s*** and find ganja
Now every month
They checking on your piss
They getting mad 'cause
You ain't come back since
And now they sweating you

That's how P.O.'s
Get f***ed up

When your mans hook
You up with a b****
Over the phone
And when you see her
She ugly as s***
(God damn)
Now at the end of the date
She want a kiss
And some dick

That's how blind dates
Get f***ed up

Say we got a real crew
With a lot of skill
And only one n**** in our crew
Make the dollar bills
why'all fools just mad 'cause
why'all ain't got a deal

Local rappers talk too much
(Kon Artis:)
You don't like this pain
But you roll with punks
Manage to trip the alarm
And you all get stumped
Cops got AK's
why'all only got pumps
That s***'s just dumb

That's how Cruzzie
Got locked up

When your as*
want to walk in the club
But 'stead of telling you to wait
The n**** want to
Push and shove (move)
They get trampled from
The n****s you brought
So move over

That's how bouncers
Get f***ed up

When you get your guns

Outta the stash
And gather all your homies up
To go and shoot up a pad
Soon as you finished
why'all run out of gas
You better haul as*

That's how drive-bys get f***ed up
Mixing weed with the brew
Extacy and Kalu,
Gasoline fumes
Nitrous balloons
Acid tablets and magic mushrooms

That's how D-12
Get f***ed up

I like your records
But my album ain't dropped
Dr. Dre's my favorite
B**** get off his jock
Got a backstage pa**
And I need to get off
want to meet da-da-da Doc?

That's how groupies
Get tossed up

Drop outta school
Take drugs and molest sl*ts
Got your girlfriend
Sucking on my left nut
Your parents don't like me,
But guess what (what)

'Cause Bizarre don't
Give a f***

Chokin' your wife all in
Front of your peeps
She toss a brick through
The window of your Jeep
They back together
By the end of the week
That's so sweet

Slim and Kim argue too much
Invite a h*e to your house
While your b**** is out
Now you got the dick
All up in her f***in' mouth
Pull it out
And then you bust off
On her favorite blouse

That's how Clinton got caught? up
Steal cars, wreck bars,
Got f***ed up beyond
Recognition, walk in 50
Clubs like we stars
Our mission every day is
Just to smoke bongs
And f*** b****es

That's how Runyan Ave. is cut
When your life wasn't raised up right
See your mother coming home
With different n****s every night
And then you run in to
The one you don't like
So get the f*** off

That's how step-dads
Get f***ed up

This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up
This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up

This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up
This is how it happens to you
That's how people
Get f***ed up

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Comments from YouTube:

Reggie Marshall

These guys were really underrated. Definitely my favorite group from the Midwest.

Spice King

@Isa the Rebel yeah they were some of the most unique for their time.

Isa the Rebel

@Spice King Probably the best relationship I've seen between mentor and artist bro, Dre's work on Em's album is amzing bro, but Em's work on D12's beats and Get Rich or Die Tryin' is amazing bro, D12 beats definitely was insane, really funky bro

Spice King

@Isa the Rebel yeah that's where he found out he had an affinity for it was watching Dre. I couldn't imagine having that type of mentorship as an artist. I personally think some of ems best producer work shines on 50's get rich or die trying album. But a lot of d12's beats were insane.

Isa the Rebel

@Spice King For real bro, the early beats sounded the best I think Eminem should get credit for his producing as well, but g-funk is a genre I really enjoy, Dre making this type of sound for Em, nothing sounded better, even Em used to watch Dre produce

Spice King

@Isa the Rebel yeah his earlier beats were really just something else. Hes overlooked as a producer almost to a criminal degree just because he's known for rapping so much it kindve overshadows it.

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Evidence that D12 didn’t need Eminem to be good.

OsK_bar Lopez

Fuck all of you! Eminem is the dick in this world 🌎

Sherri X

@D-Documentários “probably”


But Em it's on chorus and probably help with everything on the song

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