Forever More
DJ Fresh Lyrics

You got your plan

I was so blind
Now I can see
You got your plan
To bury me
But I'm still here
I will hold on
I won't let go
Cause I'm so strong

I just can't listen anymore
Because I've heard it all before
I can't fulfill it anymore
So now I'm breaking down the door

People say I changed but I didn’t flip, we were never allowed
All the thing did was emphasized by differences
The difference is I didn’t stop I didn’t rest I didn’t quit
Still is what sweep off, No, who knows what acting different is?
Grew up in the same tracks, tryin' to find a way out
Eventually I skipped the shortcut some went the low way round
The game ain’t for everybody, maybe it just ain’t for you
Me, I got the path of walk, you took the path they paved for you
Finally I made it through, now you’re trying to break me down
I’m everywhere, you’re never there yet you complain I ain’t around
Want to keep it real, I got to pick up a bag and show again
You’re not a friend, fuck you, I see you next time I’m on the edge!

I just can't take it anymore
Because I've heard it all before
I can't fulfill it anymore
I can't fulfill it anymore

Forever more

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Comments from YouTube:

Callum Morgan

Such an amazing song, I don't understand why this doesn't have more views. Plus, it's a fantastic combination of artists!

Nathaniel Taylor

Tune, my favourite song by far!

Dan Stephen McIntosh


kyle wale



the rapper sounds like s. mouse

Phil Mccrackin

Where is DJ Fresh? Oh Yeah! I ate him.

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