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Sunshine Seok SVT carat

Dino, are you gonna do Seventeen soon?????? cuz you've been doing bts-focused content but Seventeen also got so many good music. I was an Army before and now I'm a Carat who find Seventeen a very talented group. If not, prob the top 3 most talented in kpop industry.
Please please listen to these:
-Home run
-Falling flower
-Happy Ending

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lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere

They have two main singers and both of them are excellent.

SVT is just a great group, believe me I'm an older fan who really doesn't like the typical K-Pop groups, and I can tell you that SVT is just really good.

Kok ai yong

Their songs never get bored

Muthia Kautsar

My friend who is their fans also said this to me 💕

ShineeCarat! *

Having thirteen members isn’t an issue at all for them. First, each subunit puts out their own songs, which gives each member a chance to show their own “color”, musically. Secondly, they each have at least a couple of solo songs (unreleased, as of yet, but performed every year at their huge 3-day Caratland in Korea concerts). You can see them on YT. Some members also have their own projects, as well. Jun and The8 (the ChinaLine) don’t always get a lot of lines in songs, but the do tons of work in China and each have their own solo songs. The8 has started an Arts series. Dino has a choreography series called Dino’s Danceology that showcases his original choreo. Jeonghan has a radio show. Mingyu has a mukbang series. They all have their own content. Thirdly, they ALL sing very well. Line distribution can vary within each song, because they aren’t stuck with just 3 or 4 vocalists that do most of the vocal work. Plus, they also put out songs performed by a mixed special subunit, for example the song, Flower, was recorded with S.Coups,Wonwoo, Jeonghan, The8, Seungkwan, and Dino. There is also the example of Rocket, by Joshua and Vernon. Fourthly, and most importantly, they have a very unique relationship. They often talk about how working together (and living together) is never an issue for them. They know each other so well and respect each other’s habits and quirks. Their synergy is such that even learning new choreography perfectly doesn’t take that long anymore. They have also mentioned that if just one of them isn’t around for some reason, they feel like a piece of them is missing. I’ve been into Kpop for 13 years, and I can say with confidence that no other group has the same level of teamwork, affection, and devotion to each other. I see them being another Shinhwa, together for the long haul, They’ve said one goal is of course to be very successful, but more important than that, to remain together as a family, even if they don’t make music. All in all, they make 13 members work, both musically and as a working group.

ShineeCarat! *

@kalliope Yup. It broke my heart when they broke up. I'm glad he's doing well as a producer, but I miss his silly antics and his vocals. He's such a great singer. Sad he doesn't share that part of him anymore.


ShineeCarat! * Yo the guy from History is El Capitxn???? Woah I’m glad at least one of them is making big coin

Steviea Santi

@Scarlata R i think what op mean also, with svt have so many member but still have big chemistry around them... that what make them special... they have foreign member when debut, can't speak korea that well... but the korean member always guide them and never laugh at them.. even waiting for the foreign member speak till finish...
and usually in Bigger group member they tend to lost member, by the time... but svt keep going strong..

if you watch their going seventeen TTT special episode, they are talking about their bond there :)

ShineeCarat! *

@Scarlata R ... When I say I've been into Kpop for 13 years, I mean I've followed pretty much every group out there, extensively. (I watched as BTS hit the stage on their first music show and have followed them ever since, btw). I've seen countless variety shows, interviews, competitions, specials. I've seen groups come and go. I've seen members come and go
I've seen the scandals, the injuries, and the groups torn apart by asshole companies. I've seen super-talented groups fall by the wayside because they were behind the times or ahead of their time. (Case in point, History, who if they had debuted a year or two ago, would have huge. Their vocalist, Jang Yi Jeong, now known as EL CAPITXN, produces stuff for BTS). I know the heartbreak of losing a beloved member of my favorite group by suicide. I'm not blinded by my love of Seventeen when I talk about their bond, nor am I putting down other groups. I know very well how close groups are. You can't survive in Kpop without forming a bond and fighting together to be successful. I'm stating that in all my years of observation of Kpop, Seventeen takes that bond to another level. There are multitudes of multifans who eventually found Seventeen that will tell you the same thing. Just for the record, my ultimate group is Shinee. But even as a great big Shawol, I can admit Seventeen's bond is special.

Scarlata R

For me they have so many members... I understand that they make it work in their own way, but like you said, they have to do other things to shine on their own...they are talented, I hope they get what they deserved...
And saing that other groups are not as close is actually to much... BTS are like family, literally. Many times they have said and sang about it, to always get together even 50 years from now and that they want their kids to be friends...and teamwork too

Anjali P

I’m glad you were able to react to seventeen, the vocalist you liked is seungkwan. I hope you can react to them more since the member woozi produces almost all of their songs and the other members help out as well(they are known as self producing idols). Also even though it’s 13, their relationship with one another is very tight so it never seems like they are leaving someone behind/ there are under 13 members. They have stated that it’s like have 12 best friends for life. But anyway they are extremely talented and I really hope you do react to them more :)

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