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Le Grand Bleu
DJ River Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Le Grand Bleu' by these artists:

Alice Nine Nigiri shimeta yume tobi tatte iku wataridori Suiheisen wa i…

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Comments from YouTube:

AG Cook is 23 Years Old

I’m so excited for what Caro is going to come up with but also still hope planet 1999 will still be a thing


Same! I love the aesthetics of this (sorta like a lighter Caroline Polachek) and I LOVE planet 1999


why is this only two minutes long im gonna cry


I guess this is a sort of intro to Hide Me Here

Philipp Scholl

damn lemme get my vr headset real quick

Lizard Asslick

@Philipp Scholl 😔✊

Philipp Scholl

@Lizard Asslick can't stomach the VR?? you're not alone bruh

Lizard Asslick


Lainey Wakeman

omg enya girl miss caro coming 4 ur gig 😍😍


absolutely ethereal

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