Give It 2 You
Da Brat Lyrics

One for the money
Two for the bass
Three to get you going
Cause Da Brat's in the place

It's me, the OG funk bandit
The be to the are-a-t and in fact

If you ain't heard of me
Take a seat, lay back and listen
As I bust for your ass on
This funkdafied mission

Just kick off your shoes
And relax your feet (that's right)
Party on down with Da Brat
And her beat

Now it goes like that
And that's how it goes
I'm gonna give it to
All you niggas and hoes

So listen up
Make sure you listen up well
And don't miss shit cause
This bitch be bad as hell

Truth of the matter is
I splatter kids that talk shit
In a gangster's way
That's how them fools
Get dealt with

So, what you want to do, bitch
Don't even trip
Step up, step up
And I'm-a bust your lip

Now I know that you know
That I know you don't want me to
But keep on tripping and
I'm-a give it to you

I'm gonna give it to you, aah
I'm gonna give it to you, aah

Brat is the fantastic, romantic
Single handed bandit and damn it

Don't get no better
Better, it don't get no more
Than the flow that I flow
For you niggas and hoes

Devestating, captivating
Elevating as I (smooth)
Operating and I love to get high

Well, nigga, fire it up
Say what, nigga, fire it up
At your request, I guess it's time
For me to get fucked up

It goes one puff, two puff
Three puff, four

From the bottom to the top
Top to bottom, I go
So now you know

What I ain't and what I is
It's the baddest new bitch
In this hip-hop biz

OG is what I am
A brat is what I be
Blunts are what I smoke
And you can't see me

So let it go
Cause my shit is tight
Take it how I give it
And enjoy the night

Yeah, it's like that
It's like that

For the nine fucking four
It's Da Brat and you don't know
You better ask some motherfucking body
Loddy doddy, I came to party, bitch

Hey JD, come and sing this
Duo with me boy, right here

Word up, hey, word up, hey
Word up, hey, for real tho, shit

Word up, hey, word up, hey
Word up, hey, for real tho

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The 90's. You don't realize what you're missing until it's GONE.

Kenn T

Hardcore Facts!!!

rancis world

I realized 90s was gone and will never come back

Leighton Savary

I feel you but I did realize it at the time tho, lol๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

~Blaque Pearlz & Chocolate Diamonds77~

We didn't realize how fast that time would fly

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Nyusha Kiss

The music, the fashion, the hairstyles
90โ€™s era is brilliant ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Robin Gorham

@Militantreturns anyway like I said my name is Robin and I'm really not big on B because I list. Like I said I'm artistic but girl you got you got going on you know I'm I'm old now I'm old school 45 45-50 years old now but you got going on you really do I wish I wasn't kind of grew up with you but you was born in like when outside Queen already but he may God bless you and keep on doing what you do I wish you can take care of me you have money girl my sister's xipo she'll have no kind of money that's why I'm here in the nursing home now let people take care of me that I don't even know anyway love you Brad keep on doing what you doing baby don't let nobody keep your head up don't let nobody screw choose you do what you do to make you happy and you girlfriend she's beautiful she's really pretty I don't know her but I seen the end of this year after the tooth crown she had some 2 Live husky Crown ponytails in their hair slicked real cute like I said stay up and stay good and I really like your sister to I loved her so she wasn't funny I wish you still come back on but evidently it's not but I love her too anyway have a great day God bless you and your sister and your girlfriend and thanks for fun coming up the closet nobody can judge you cuz I don't judge anybody cuz I'm disabled I can't do nothing so I'm paralyzed from the waist down so I don't judge love you much by God bless


The absolute pinnacle of Hip Hop culture.


yes thatยดs why everyone is copying us

Kenneth Gordon

The girls so smooth.Taste of real ice cream ๐Ÿจ

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