Adagio for TRON
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Christopher Manson

CLU: "Flynn! Am I still to create the perfect system?!"
Flynn: "Yeah?"
(Cue 2:19)
*CLU retracts his mask*
Dyson: "Now!"
*Black Guards come out of the shadows to attack TRON and Flynn*
TRON: "Go..."
*CLU grabs Flynn by the throat*
CLU: "You've been corrupted."
*Flynn gets thrown to the ground and backs away in shock*
Flynn: "Why? Why??"
TRON: "Flynn, go!!!"
*Flynn manages to run away*
(Cue 3:08)
TRON: "You've failed, CLU. Flynn will vanish; disappear into the Grid. He's the Creator!"
CLU: "He can go wherever he wants. It was you I'm after. Without the mighty TRON, the Creator will fall, and CLU will rise."
*Dyson stands beside CLU*
TRON: "Dyson?"
CLU: "What do ya think, TRON? I've made Dyson perfect again."
TRON: "Dyson! I trusted you! He betrayed us!"
Dyson: "You're wrong. Flynn betrayed us; betrayed all of us. Now CLU is free to cleanse the Grid of the ISOs."
*CLU grabs TRON's neck and stabs him with his disc*

Always For Jesus

It was a coup…

Dyson: ”NOW!”

Black Guards run into the frame…

Tron: ”Flynn, Go!”

* Flynn runs *

TRON fights

* Identity Discs whir to life *


Tron, lying on the ground covered in scars: "You’ve failed , Clu! Flynn will vanish, disappear into the Grid! He’s the creator!"

CLU: “He can go wherever he wants…it was you I’m after. Without the mighty Tron, the creator will fall and Clu will rise!…”

Dyson steps into the frame

Tron: "Dyson!?"

Clu: * evil laugh * “What do you think, TRON? I made Dyson perfect again…”

Dyson shows off his now-healed face

Tron: "Dyson, I trusted you…he betrayed us!"

Dyson: “You’re wrong, Flynn betrayed us, betrayed all of us. Now, CLU is free to cleanse the Grid of the ISOs…”

CLU drives his disc into TRON’s chest


Flynn, [hiding behind the wall and running in the memory] narrating: "Tron…he fought for me. I never saw him again…"

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No idea

Clu: "Flynn!!"

*Flynn and Tron both look over to Clu*

Clu: "Am still to create the perfect system?"

*Flynn mixes his inner duck with his sarcasm*

Flynn: "..yeAH?"

Tessa Lioncourt

@Crimson Carson Dyson 🤩😍

Crimson Carson

Dyson: “Now”

Tron: “Flynn go”

Sammy Mamudi

Tron: go

CM Matucha


Sarah Lee

Lmao yes 😂

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Can we all agree Tron was awesome fighting with two discs?

Kimberly Mcnear

@toprak same man


@Crimson Carson i wish i had someone, idk i feel lonely even if i'm not i just want someone to trust and to protect

Crimson Carson

toprak he’s a great friend to me and I’m a great friend to him

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