Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About The World
Daft Punk Lyrics

I am the brainwasher!
I am the brainwasher!

I am the brainwasher!
I am the brainwasher!

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Waiting for alive 2027 :D

Jon Sel

@Chackra Vartin I dont think we'll be alive (get it?) In a few thousand years, but...yeah...that would be cool.

Omar Escalante

Hope it happens


Waiting for alive 2017 lol

Matías Bermudez

@Tzex really?

Aaron Campbell


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Alessio M

Am I the only to think that aerodynamic and technologic could be mixed together and become a masterpiece?


Alessio M same thing with burnin and crescendolls.

Nicolas Gagné

Yo dawg, I heard you like Daft Punk, so we put some Daft punk in your Daft Punk!

Endermax FX

Fair enough

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