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Pizza Time

me and the boys prepping for PE dodgeball

Christopher Vazquez

Alternate title: dodge ball music


@Blastbottles Holding Yeah never understood why dodgeball isn't more popular, the only reason I can come up with is that people see this as a "game" rather than a sport and treat it as such, even if it is stupid.

Blastbottles Holding

@Crimson Carson why tf do schools ban the only game people are interested in playinv

Crimson Carson

I wish dodge ball was a real sport and have teams



IceCrusher18 Entertainment

"Combatant 3, round 1, victory."

The Little Teacher

My name is Sam Flynn

I Spartan V I

We need Tron 3!!!

Borsalino Kizaru

Epic Gamer it’ll probably be a reboot. I’d be pleasantly surprised if it actually carries some plot threads from Legacy and the Next Day. Having Daft Punk at least make some songs for it would be a huge win. However, I don’t know if Disney will be willing to fund a project as risky as a Tron movie, a franchise built upon groundbreaking and expensive production design.

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