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by Daft Punk

Beyond dreams
Beyond life
You will find your song
Before sounds to be found

Close your eyes and rise
Higher still endless thrill
To the lend of love beyond love
Come alive and you'll find forever watching you alive

You are the night you are the ocean
You are the light behind the cloud
You are the end and the beginning

A world with time is not allowed
There's no such thing as complication
To find a way we'll lost control
Remember love's our only mission
This is the journey of the soul

The perfect song is framed with silence
It speaks of places never seen
You hold your promise long forgotten
It is the birthplace of your dreams

Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC
Written by: Christopher Paul Caswell, Guy Manuel Homem Christo, Paul Hamilton Williams, Thomas Bangalter

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Losers:  All Daft Punk does is steal samples from other artists
Daft Punk: makes a fully original album
Daft Punk: wins album of the year
Losers:  .............


@Jay Peters your mom has a stick where the sun dont shine

Ahmed Amine Ramdani

@Sage T Scippio "So then I thought, the synthesizer! Why don't I use the synthesizer!"


@Jaye Waye Pharrell only sung the lyrics on a couple songs. He might have also helped compose, but I'm not sure. All songs in the album are produced and composed by daft punk with the collaborators just singing/playing instruments.

Tom Riste

@Sage T Scippio daftpunk is still good


They did sample NASA coms

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The beginning makes it sound like Daft Punk want to be Pokemon masters.

Ahmed Amine Ramdani

"Watch Pokémon King on Netflix, the story of Giovanni Exotic and his unpaid minions's epic feud with an 11 year old, in a subculture industry built around capturing rare animals and then throws them into pit fights for sport and profit!."

Logan Campos got it all wrong. Daft punk are the legendary rare unknown pokemon.

Galaxy Creations

My siblings thought I was listening to Sonic Unleashed when I first played this.

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