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Borsalino Kizaru

They’ve confirmed that it’s possible, but it’s not been greenlit yet. Here’s what we know so far:

-Jared Leto is attached to star and produce; he’s also getting buff for Tron if you check his Instagram
-Garth Davis is currently attached to be director after reportedly seeking the job aggressively
-Mitchell Leib (Disney President of Music) and Paul Hahn (Daft Punk’s manager) are starting a conversation
-There is a script ready if it happens
-Working name for the movie is Ares

We don’t know if it’ll be a total reboot or if it will just be a sequel that reboots the art style like Legacy, we don’t know if Quorra, Sam, Tron, or Alan will return, we don’t know who will compose it, and we don’t know if it’ll even come to fruition.

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Darthest Vader

Which villan was better?

Master Control Program



like= Clu

comment= Master Control Program

Sr Ve

@Borsalino Kizaru clu was leagues better
IMHO prob one of the best disney villains of the 2000s
I wish the movie did better but damn

Borsalino Kizaru

@Deathstroke The Terminator Inmate #4479 no, you need to say it like Jarvis. Cluuuuuuuuuuuu

Deathstroke The Terminator Inmate #4479


Arlen Smith

MCP was a well executed villain. CLU was a perfectly executed villain.

Thomas's Things

@Borsalino Kizaru agree

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Aidan Gibbar

“I fight for the Users!”

Aidan Gibbar

Crimson Carson oh okay, well the Users are the people in the real world who use the programs of the grid, like when their playing the game and since Master Control Program (from the first movie) and C.L.U sought to do away with humans so the system could grow, Tron saw otherwise seeing as Kevin Flynn saved his life, and so he worked with Kevin to free the oppressed programs from Master Control and create them a new home on The Grid. And then C.L.U got jealous and became another Master Control of the Grid, and of course he sought to do away with humans, Tron eventually regained himself from being Renzler. And so in the last moments of the jet battle, he says “I fight for the Users!” It means he’ll do anything to protect the people of the real world from rogue and oppressive programs

Crimson Carson

Aidan Gibbar I know that but I’m asking what the quote means

Aidan Gibbar

Crimson Carson It’s what Renzler/Tron says before he crashes his light jet into C.L.U

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