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Whole album is a master piece

Pedro Braga

@Caleb Donaldson Totally agree.

Caleb Donaldson

Tron Legacy might be the most technically impressive thing DP has ever done, and that's saying A LOT! Even the Reconfigured album is impeccably well-done! Together, they span 50 incredible tracks, making the "Tron Era" equivalent to a quadruple album!

Pedro Braga


Michael C.

Does this make anyone else feel...lost?

Lyvier M.L

This one, Adagio For Tron, and Solar Sailer


Were all just dots on the grig

First Robot Legacy 12

It's Nightvition vibes!

B.J. Blazkowicz

Just heard this in the last part of Top Gears 50 Years of Bobs Cars special, where Richard is talking in the submarine Lotus

Sean K. Tech Dude

Dang, we need Tron 3

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