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Jamie Mannell

Just sitting there, 11 years old, completely mesmerized. It was perfect. The first day of Christmas holiday... in complete awe of what I was watching, hearing and experiencing. The most underrated film of all time, the most beautiful film of all time. Will we get a third? I don't know. Hell, it took 28 years to get this. I'll never give up hope. I want nothing more than to experience another beauty with a child of my own. To see the joy I had on their face would be... well... radical, man.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

but you're still a child

Murilo Leite

100% agree, so underrated!

Music remixer lord

Tron 3 is confirmed

Alexander San

bio digital jazz man... in my gpai prrojects i cite the need for something i coin / personally term and phrase as 'anarchy' somethingwith an extra oomph creativity element...

Swarnasish Saha

Jamie Manell that was beautiful!

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Random Guy

“And it’s lights out, and away we go!!!”

Edgardo Cervantes

@Thomas McGarry Maybe you skipped the "Rush" soundtrack? LOL


@Broder This music is used for the Sky Sports F1 coverage in the UK

Thomas McGarry

I'm so happy to find another F1 fan. Here i am, listening to the Tron soundtrack, and this catches me completely off guard

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