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Z Money163

Definitely one of the best movie soundtracks ever!


I love this entire album , but I'mma have to disagree with you here...

Diego García


Coleman Bubar

Everyone please watch the show TRON: uprising. It’s an amazing series that Disney purposefully screwed over, and it needs way more love.

Rai Jin

they canceled the show n im like wtf??? i want to know what happens next!!!


It's hard to believe it's already 8 years old. Easily one of the best looking, best sounding, best directed, best action animated series ever even to this day. And bar none best written Tron work, and some of the best writing seen in a Disney property.

Liam Munholand

It one of the shows I wanted to watch when it first aired but it was only on Disney XD at the time. Now that it has been on Disney+ I have started watching it. A little cheesy at first but once you get into it, it quickly becomes one of the best animated shows I've seen. Underrated.

Water Box

I think Tron should have come out in 2019-2020 to get its cyberpunk vibe truly appreciated

Michael holle

only movie soundtrack makes me think of more than just tron.

Kevin Ayala

I still envision that scene where the bright light shines on down

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