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This movie was nominated for the sound editing Oscar. I don't object to the sound editing, but the VFX and this outstanding score were snubbed. This is one of the best and most underrated scores of all time.


I have to rewatch the movie, the music stuck with me when I was half my age when this movie came out. I couldn't find it until recently when synthwave came roaring back.

orhema oluga

@averythesuperhero Well said. No knock to Hans or Trevor who are masters in their own rights, but this score was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise formulaic and monotonous style of score writing. This is still the most unique and appropriate themed score for any movie. It not getting an Oscar still baffles me because of you think back to the other scores in that category, only a couple of tracks stand out, however, the complete score of Trn Legacy by Daft Punk is complete justice done right.


Inception was great and all, and I do love almost everything Hans Zimmer does, but God damn. This soundtrack has inspired me and stuck with me for so long and for so many things I cannot get enough of it and how perfectly futuristic and whimsical it is. Great score and a great movie, in my opinion.

Jorge Fonseca

I think the same, even though Inception was the true winner that year.

Ravindra S 919

If I ever explore deep space I'm using this soundtrack

Ant S

Lol this is on my No Man's Sky music playlist. 10/10


Seems like we can go to the moon and Mars soon. I guess the solar system first, deep space later. Real estate is going to be wack.

Nicholas Tidemann

Deep cyberspace.

Crimson Carson

Jack what’s EvE-Online

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