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Guy-Manuel: Tom, why are we at the arcade? Shouldn't we be working on a new album?

Thomas Bangalter: We just released one! And it was dope as hell. I think we deserve a break.

Guy: That was 3 years ago! And it took like 8 years to come out! The people demand more! Maybe a tour? Alive 2017?

Thomas: Nah, bro. They can wait. Besides, you can't rush perfection. We'll release it in another 8 years or so.

Guy: Are you fucking kidding me, Tom?

Thomas: Fine, fine. Let's play this one game. If you win, we'll make the album AND do a tour. If I win, we'll go on vacation to The Bahamas. Deal?

Guy: Deal.


Guy: FUCK.

Ossmay Non Officiel

@Kim Nis

Guy-Manuel: Tom, pourquoi sommes-nous à l'arcade? Ne devrions-nous pas travailler sur un nouvel album?

Thomas Bangalter: Nous venons d'en sortir un! Et c'était cool comme l'enfer. Je pense que nous méritons une pause.

Guy: C'était il y a 3 ans! Et il a fallu 8 ans pour sortir! Le peuple en redemande! Peut-être une tournée? Alive 2017?

Thomas: Non, mon frère. Ils peuvent attendre. De plus, vous ne pouvez pas précipiter la perfection. Nous le publierons dans 8 ans environ.

Guy: Tu te fous de moi, Tom?

Thomas: Très bien, très bien. Jouons à ce seul jeu. Si vous gagnez, nous ferons l'album ET ferons une tournée. Si je gagne, nous irons en vacances aux Bahamas. Traiter?

Guy: Traiter.



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So nice of Daft Punk to allow Disney to work with them


Double Take Well yes, but actually no.

Double Take

I think its the other way arround.


The one thing Disney done good for Sci-fi, apart from Star Wars


@Orbanicle yes yes I did steal it lmao. I think everyone has already seen it haha

Shane Wilson

And Joseph Trapanese, who btw, did over half of the film's score.

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trashboi_yosuke 71

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I secretly like the movie
And so do you

Edit: jesus christ how'd i get 1,5k thanks guys


So youre telling me theres people that dont like the movie huh?

*the more you know intesifies*

Nyte Myst

Bold of you to assume to I kept it a secret~

asriel_glitchtale fan

@Timmy and tommy Nook yeah totally a rip off.. Tell me 1 thing they have in common

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