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If you're reading this, please, PLEASE, do yourself a favor... and listen to this masterpiece on a good set of headphones or speakers (and play with the EQ!).... it is criminal to not feel and experience every single beat and nuance within this song that you can in it's file quality...

Much love to all the Tron fans out there, your taste in movies slaps-

Much love to my fellow Daft Punk fans, your taste in music is otherworldly-

(Daft Punk 1993-2021: you've given me so much, even though I wasn't able to see you live, thank you for everything Guy and Thomas-)


THANK YOU @Pierre Massé for making such a fire adaptation of this fine piece of frequency from the bots!

What I use:
-ATH-M50x (you can get better for cheaper like the AKG-K371)
-Equalizer APO w/PC Equalizer GUI

EQ Settings:
-Preamp @ -2.6
-BW Oct @ 01.585

22 hz: 5.0
31 hz: 4.8
44 hz: 4.4
62 hz: 3.4
88 hz: 1.4
124 hz: 0.5
176 hz: 0.2
250 hz: -1.6
354 hz: -3.3
500 hz: -2.0
700 hz: 0.9
1k hz: 2.3
1.4k hz: 1.3
2k hz: 0.9
2.8k hz: 1.0
4k hz: 1.6
5.6k hz: 2.7
8k hz: 4.8
11k hz: 5.8
16k hz: 5.9

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annonymous smith

very nice


Absolutely one of the most underrated movies of all-time. The soundtrack, the visuals, the VIBE. oh my God the vibe of this movie is insane. I can't find it anywhere else, it's completely unique.

noviosation maxdom

This movie is the only one they have touch my soul finest deeply.

rajnbull ◑͜͡◐

considering the fact the movie and merchandise reached close to a billion dollars I would agree. once again Disney does it again and gets in the way of a remake. I really can't stand Kathleen Kennedy

abraham statzer

Ur right this movie was epic

Hunter Rolo

Buena Película.

Robert Newman

Amen my brother undeniably sumblime pairing of the perfect band for the task and a largely great sequel that added a relevant and authentic modern update..

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UnknowNgaminG 14

Why didnt anyone like this movie. It was amazing. And almost 10 years later the effects are for the most part great.

King C

People that don't know a good movie when they see it

Nik Ivi

Not bad movie
Just average story and character performance
Visuals are great but that is not what makes a movie good

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