The Son of Flynn
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That time daft punk released an album and Disney made a movie around it.


@Liam Munholand Don't know if he is dumb, or a troll. Probably a troll but 🤷‍♂️

Liam Munholand

Wrong - looking at it backwards - Disney made a sequel 28 years later and had Daft Punk score the film.


@Easton Sell you missed the joke my guy

Cailean Garrett

No kidding! This movie changed my tastes in music forever.

Tanner Williams

@Easton Sell r/wooosh

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Axe Paunch

I’m glad they got Daft Punk to do the sound track, they did amazing

A.J. Swanson

It's a score; not a soundtrack. Nevertheless, I agree...

Jschlatt Funny Mic

Aidan Mizerski confirmed now


Joseph Trapanese also did the orchestrations

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