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Daft Punk's magnum opus.

Voyager is the best example of what Daft Punk was, and what their legacy was.
The earwormy, gentle synths mesh perfectly with the funky bassline that never stops grooving. It invokes so many emotions in me, specifically, but at the same time makes me drop everything and dance.

Furthermore, a few comments down, someone asked what people could see when they closed their eyes and listened to the song.
Every single answer is different.

I love this song so much that it hurts to see Daft Punk go.

Thank you, Robots, for everything.

Thank you for the countless memories I have of my older brother showing me your songs.
Thank you for the memories I have cherished of dancing to your hits in small house parties.
And thank you for creating what you needed to create.

Retro VZQZ

@Erik [REDACTED] I dabble on bass and have listened to many styles

This is very similar to Bernard Edwards work on My Forbidden Lover

Go give it a spin

Daft Punk have always been massive fans of Chic

And of the playing and production work of the groove meister supreme team behind them that is: Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards

Literal geniuses when it comes to making music that will fill the club floors, they've worked on countless records

Both as a unit and on their own

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The Duke Of Dorks

this album has no bad songs


daft club on the other hand..

Nicolas LaBonte

@Emilio Ross comparing daft punk to a scratched disc? I know I'm 2 years late but a scratched diac would be more of rolling and scratching. Now THATS annoying lol

Mega Jared X

Yeah! It's literally a perfect album

Random Channel

it also has no good songs

it has AMAZING songs

Daniel Garcia Chaires

Favorite album ever 😢😢😢😢

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Robert Solis

I'm here in 2020 and this music still sounds from the future

Xiomara Ruiz



@Rosa Fiammante that would make sense. Surely the general society (at least in developed and highly modernized countries) is going to crumble. I’m shocked by what’s going on in schools, in people, in organizations. If what you’re saying is true then in so many years it’s going to continue to get worse and worse until it eventually we have to revolutionize our society from the ground up. We can only pray lmao.


@Nathvar completely agree. I’ve been thinking that for a while now. I have some ideas of why

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