Ruin Me
Dai Dream Lyrics

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(Verse 1)

That was then
This is now
Sick of throwing in the towel
Why does every conversation gotta end with how bout now?
How bout we just take it slow
Steady switching, pick and roll
Used to be the only girl that I would call right after work
Now you busy being reckless there’s no way that we could work
And I know you got my necklace plus you got my favorite shirt
Used to say you were my favorite
Now I think you just the worst
Will you please hang up the phone first?

I think You ruin me
Low down straight abusing me
Go down don’t be new to me
All the shit you do to me

(Verse 2)

Switch it up and live it up
Used to sip it out the cup
Now we living in a bottle full of sand
Maybe she’ll come back around
Like a clock with broken hands
Every second seems to linger
Every minutes got me eager
Just to see her,
Swear I miss her like Aaliyah
Baby girl will you be willing to forgive once again
Won’t you be my favorite friend

Or will you just leave me hanging?
Maybe there’s no point in waiting?
Your mind I’m so good at changing

I think You ruin me
Low down straight abusing me
Go down don’t be new to me
All the shit you do to me

(Verse 3)

Take your time, hate the wait
Second time, save the date
Maybe this time could be fate
I just wish you weren’t fake
I just want the best from you
Every time I bet on you
All these people call my name
But it sounds better when you do
What’s better than you, who?
Let me know
I gotta know
I scare em off
You turn me soft
You turn me off
By being indecisive

Baby You could be my wife if you just slow down
Baby girl just slow down

Overall Meaning

In the opening verse of "Ruin Me" by Dai Dream, the singer reflects on a past relationship compared to the current state of affairs. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration and disillusionment as the singer expresses weariness with constantly giving up and the repetitive nature of conversations that always seem to circle back to the present moment. The shift in dynamics is highlighted as the lyrics describe how the connection that was once strong and immediate has deteriorated, with the partner now engaging in reckless behavior. The singer laments the loss of what was once cherished and wonders if there is any hope for reconciliation amidst the escalating difficulties.

The chorus, or hook, of the song intensifies the emotional turmoil, with the repetition of the phrase "You ruin me" emphasizing the feeling of being mistreated and emotionally manipulated by the partner. The lyrics further expose the depth of hurt and betrayal experienced, questioning whether the partner's actions are intentional or perhaps a pattern of behavior that the singer has become accustomed to enduring. The imagery of being taken advantage of and the plea for recognition of the harm inflicted add layers of complexity to the song's narrative, evoking a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion.

In the second verse, there is a shift towards a sense of longing and yearning for a reconciliation that may or may not be possible. The lyrics paint a picture of hope mingled with doubt, as the singer reminisces about better times and contemplates a potential future reunion. The imagery of time passing slowly, like a malfunctioning clock, adds a somber tone to the narrative, emphasizing the uncertainty and pain of waiting for something that may never come to fruition. The singer's plea for forgiveness and a return to a simpler, more cherished connection underscores the desire for a resolution to the turmoil that has consumed the relationship.

The final verse of the song brings a sense of introspection and acceptance as the singer grapples with the reality of the situation. The lyrics reveal a willingness to wait for a positive outcome, despite the doubts and fears that linger. The conflicting emotions of love and hurt, expressed through the imagery of betting on the partner and yearning for their validation, create a poignant sense of emotional tug-of-war. The plea for the partner to slow down and consider the potential for a future together encapsulates the overarching theme of the song - a plea for understanding, forgiveness, and the possibility of a renewed connection amidst the turmoil and pain of a troubled relationship.

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