Life Ruiner
Daiquiri Lyrics

You comb your hair you try to think of something interesting to say
The good news is to you attention is something they will pay
If you have nothing to lose then chances are you will be ok
Either way you lose I said that you have lost either way
I'm worthless and weak like that kid from the Twisted Sister vid
I put up an auction and I hope and pray for minimum bid
Trying never helps

They are everywhere, venom so lethal that you never stood a chance
They are should have stayed at home
Hide under the sheets, locking the doors, you're still there

Will you sew these eyes shut for me, don't want to see at all

It was easy all it took was just a maybe to take you down
What took years to build, amass, and put together is all gone now
Better men than you have fallen victim there's no way to fight it
Going blind would help or wearing blinders I have learned to like it
I can wear her clothes and pretend to be her and what would that do?
Nothing much I guess it has no point yo man this shit ain't cool
Wishing ever helps

You're no centaur, no minataur
He'd be powerless, sharpen that horn
What of pagasus? Saddled by lorne greene
The bonznza scene
You are so doomed
Your life is ruined
Will you sew these eyes shit for me?
Don't want to see at all

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Working on it! Glad you enjoyed.

The Ballantine Collection

I wish I could use your music for my vlogs.. I crack up at your art man.. LOVE IT!!!

The Ballantine Collection

no way!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING . I'll PM you here on YouTube! >:O) it's friggin' On!


@Back Road Moto You can! I'll hook you up with download codes for some Daiquiri albums.

Robert Strozdas

I dig brother!


That's was a very nice video. Please use this and others to replace channels 100-600 on my television. Thanks all over you.

slavketcho2011 gamer

Your are FOREST

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