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I don′t like the money
And the jokes aren't funny
Is there anyone who has a personality
I′ve heard your best pick up
And I've put on the makeup
Can we stop this and skip to the personality

High, high
Maybe I rode
This high too long
High, high
Maybe I rode
This high too long
This high too long

Maybe In a new world
I won't be the blue girl
Writing perfect colors ′cause I like to people please
You like posed and pretty
I like reckless hippie
I am not the stargirl in your velvet galaxy

High, high
Maybe I rode
This high too long
High, high
Maybe I rode
This high too long
This high too long

Maybe I rode
This high too long
This high too long

What′s with the broken glasses
And the tattered sashes
What's with the stressed occasions
And the heart persuasion

Maybe I rode
This high too long

Maybe I rode
This high too long

Writer(s): Daisy Grace Vardell

Contributed by Parker V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Daisy...I like your YouTube single. I really like the lyric "You like post and pretty...I like reckless hippie...I'm not your star your velvet galaxy. That's very nice writing...Daisy. I, also, liked the guitar part and the string arrangement...I always wanted to learn how to do both string and horn arrangements...I bet I could learn it on both YouTube and Google...but I just don't have the time currently to learn it right now...but once again I really like your string arrangement. Once's very cool how you make your own videos. You're such a great visual artist. This is so different from anything you've ever done before visually. Once again I like how you use your hands in your's a very nice'am. I thought your eye shadow makeup was well thought out for a hippie Daisy [also...nice tambourine].

I am continuing to enjoy how you are creating so much variety in your catalog of songs and don't always have to do that...but I am continuing to enjoy you surprising me from song to song...I don't know what you are going to do next?...It could be a similar style to something you've done in the past...or something completely out of left field...which is a lot of're unpredictable. I write in a varied style of songs as well...and find that it is easier to create catalog when I can go in any the benefits of writing so broadly...I think...will make it easier for you to continue to build your catalog. One thing you might want to adopt to add variety to your catalog...although I don't think you really need to with the success you're having the way that you are currently doing it right now...but what I do is create Theoretical Concept Albums...what I call "Loosely Threaded Poetry Book Albums" in that I pick a theme and then try to write 10 songs or more that would fit on that album...they are theoretical because in the modern YouTube/Spotify world of the current music industry...I will probably never release the collection of songs as a concept's much easier to release them as an initial Greatest Hits Album...I have thought of possibly later releasing it as a Concept Album years after the Greatest Hits Album as the original vision I was at one time hoping to make...but I would rather use these Theoretical Concept Albums as scaffolding to build a lot of different kinds of songs at different times through out my career. If you have to write an entire Concept Album at one time that is a lot of pressure to maintain the quality of the songs...but if those Concept Albums are spread over years...those scaffoldings of theoretical albums will allow you to build a wide catalog of ideas over your entire career. This scaffolding has worked really well for me as a writer. I have created a "Social Issues Album" and my impact writing really improved by just having that project to work on. I have a "Country Album" that I sing with a Southern Accent...and have managed to write some very good Country Songs. I have a "Christmas Album" that I have started to build the seed for a pretty good Christmas Song...if you decide to write a Christmas Song go online and lookup Christmas Cards to get the vocabulary for the Christmas Holiday...that Holiday has it's own language...which is part of what makes it so hard to write...learn that language and it becomes much easier to write in...if you want to write a Hanukkah song it could also be added to that album...but if it's not your don't need to do that. If you want to learn to write Story Songs you could create the scaffolding of a "Story Song Album" and that will force you to get better at writing Story Songs...and you can just keep coming up with different themes and therefore keep challenging yourself. I came up with the "Loosely Threaded Poetry Book Album" from some poetry books that do this [Walt Whitman: Leaves Of Grass; Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet; etc]...but the 2 albums that got me considering this are...Rush - Signals...and...Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here...which were very influential in building this scaffolding...and has been very good for building my catalog.

I've been listening to a lot of your songs lately...but here are some other songs I've been listening to as well...I've been pretty busy trying to learn how to develop my Mixing Chops...but I've surprisingly have had an easy time finding some wonderful songs this year:

Tessa Violet - I Like (the idea of) You (2019)
Lissie - It's Not Me
Nilufer Yanya - Day 7.5093
Dayglow - Close To You
Lucie Tiger - Found My Home
Olivia Rodrigo - Good 4 U
Lucie Tiger - Midnight Goodbye
Cannons - Bad Dream
Bruno Mars / Anderson Paak / Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open
Taylor Swift - The Way I Loved You (Taylor's Version)
Future Islands - Plastic Beach
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)
Lissie - A Bird Could Love A Fish
Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu
The Aces - Sleepy Eyes
Marshmello / The Jonas Brothers - Leave Before You Love Me
Jojo - Creature Of Habit
Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
Natalie Imbruglia - Build It Better

Thank you...once again...for your music...Daisy.

I'm continuing to enjoy it.

I wish for...You...Your Family...and stay safe.

Keep fighter for your catalog...talented young lady.

Take care.

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When do we change

Daisy you are one of the most incredible artist I ever saw. Your voice is heavenly and your soul mesmerizing. Please keep making songs and singing I look forward to it everyday. Thank you

Vangel toneman

Daisy is one of the most talented musicians out there.

Raine L

I love your original stuff so much... also have you ever considered covering “uninvited” by alanis? You elevate every song you sing and that song is so great but you singing it would take it through the sky


Brilliant idea.


Daisy me, you have the Most Unique and Beautifully Toned Voice I have ever heard! No singer has ever given me such Passionate Vibes and/or moved my Heart like you have! Thank God for the Day you chose to become a Entertainer❣⚘


Watched you since I saw your West Coast cover released 7 years ago, one of my most streamed artist on spotify too, I love your original songs 💜


Amazing girl, trust in yourself, you are gifted and your talent is a gift for a lot of people.


Keep em coming.. love your voice/style.

Kate Bennett

No words for how much I love this. The video, the words, the voice, the music. Perfection. Keep it coming Daisy Gray! I can’t wait to drive around aimlessly to this.


It feels like she's inside my brain✨

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