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Electric Emotions
Daniel Serrano Lyrics

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Iman M

🤔🤔 I always thought that it's the opposite

Si-Ne writes pages of physical descriptions and Ni-Se goes on and on about the concept

Ne-Si writes the best humor children books and really reminds me of those intricate world builders that Ni-Se fails badly at.

Pretty sure JK Rowling is an infp because only an Ne user could ever come up with such an intricate world (the jellybeans). Tolkien is another good example. For some reason I think that Charles Dickens is an Si-Ne user trying to Ni because the main idea is so weak, he focuses much more on the world building than anything else.

Endings in Ne-Si books are usually rushed compared to Ni-Se and when the book ends it never actually feels like it ended.

JK Rowling, Tolkien, Enid Blyton, those writers who write so many books in the same universe and never stop, they just find more creative ways to add in another story.

They also never seem to have a solid plot-line, just random events occurring after each other until a few pages are left and you realize that this is the ending.

Ni-Se on the other hand is very rare in children literature most likely to do with the fact that. We literally don't recall anything from back then it's easier to write something that a person in the same phase of life. It's almost too specific a genre. I'm thinking John Green (yikes), George Orwell, (the dreaded) Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde is the only acceptable writer by far, maybe even Sarah Shepard.

Really dark creepy books that convey one idea at a time. Dystopian feel even when taking place in a wonderland. Feels rather... Empty. The more Ni the less focus on things like time (there's always a time gap) they forget to mention details indicative of time and space making it almost a torture to read if you're from a different time. World building mediocre at best. At least it has a proper and well planned out storyline if not too planned out.

Books by inxj's give me a migraine despite being an xnfj, and that's saying something.

Neo D'Lehoko

Fffffffff-aaahh, oh my gosh, I have way too much to say! This was awesome!!

I'll keep it succinct tho.
It's so interesting and it makes so much sense now, but when I write (I've got several writing projects going on right now), I always worry that there isn't enough going on in the story! Like I guess my impression from films and shows and some very popular books is that nobody wants to read if nothing's going on, but I guess it's that Si need to place meaning very deliberately in every thing, so too much going on just dilutes the effect or something.
Like I find I write out a lot of just, conversation, and I know I really focus on how things are said and when and how the conversation is paced, because I want it (the interaction) to be realistic and immediately recognisable, because the importance of the dialogue is usually not the words themselves, but everything between the lines. So I guess I'm relying on the readers own Si library of our collective imagery or whatever to see the constellations I'm trying to lay out. So cool.

When you said "detachment" for Ne/Si that really struck a chord somewhere, and I'll need to noodle on it some more but I thought that was very interesting. Like as the writer, I want to maintain a sense of psychological distance from the character, both from me and the reader. Maybe it's more expressed because I'm a Ti dom and for me detachment is EVerYthINg, so I prefer to handle the complicated messiness of human emotion with gloves and tongs - I know I can't avoid it completely and I'm working on it but it's so damn hard T_T I cringe so hard when I have to write anything even vaguely *sweet* haha #sad

Didn't realise there was a name for the Appropriated Narration, but I always get weirdly happy when I see it in a text?

Alex mentioned that Si/Ne tends to use the situation as a vehicle to describe the relationship, and I've definitely noticed that in my writing. I guess I also look for it in the writing of others, and also in TV shows etc. A good example is the TV show Sherlock, which is heavily split between the fans on the relationship of John and Sherlock, and it seems that the people who see a platonic relationship are reading the events as they are, sort of at face value but with one overarching plot point in mind, while those who see a romantic one tend to site, not the events, but the significance of the way things happen, every word - said and unsaid - every colour used, placement of furniture etc, but mostly matching the characters behaviour to generally understood social laws. Perhaps it's because I'm Si that I support the latter camp, so in that sense I'm biased maybe? Time to analyse the writer's micro-expressions.

Ok I'm going on for ages, last thing.

So what I got out of this, is that Ni/Se texts tend to have that one meaning that you're meant to discover. They paint this picture and you kind of observe it and feel it in all its rich glory (unless I guess you're an Si/Ne who feels like everything was oversaturated. I wonder if this applies to visual art too.). The Si/Ne instead goes in wanting to explore certain themes (??), but ultimately leaves the bulk of the interpretation to the reader. In a sense the sensing experience is very minimal in order to make it customisable to every readers personal experience, but the Ne ways of reading meaning into the situation are broad and kind of limitless, and also difficult to prove wrong; like, any interpretation can be correct because it's subjective to the reader.

OH MY GOSH. This was great. Thanks so much, I loved it, AND I'm glad you had fun.

P.S. Loved Nabokov!! Never read Lolita, but I loved Pnin. Which I picked up, just because the name told me nothing, and my curiosity was peaked. Best decision ever.

The Way In

Type my writing! Ne/Si or Se/Ni ?

“Wanna Dance?”

             I glanced over in the direction of the little pest.

             He stood awkwardly to my right, where he’d been loitering for the past few minutes in silence; working up the nerve to actually speak to me, I assumed.

             I turned toward him and rolled my eyes. “No, I’m not dancing with you, Nick. I don’t want to dance.” The last part was a lie. I’d actually been working really hard on my slow dance at home in my bedroom the past couple weeks, just in case local heartbreaker Justin Ferris suddenly decided to ask me that same question. But as for Nicholas Webb, the snub-nosed stalker whose only relation to me was that he was the come-over-to-visit-a-lot son of my dad’s boss, there would be no close-bodied swaying of the sort. 

             I inspected him and saw the usual. He had eyes that seemed to smile even while he'd frown, although he was mostly Russian and a little Italian - as he'd tell you himself - not at all Asian. And though he’d just turned fourteen – which put him at age level with me – he was still a good deal shorter than me, unlike Justin. Justin was tall, and he was bright-eyed and mixed – black and Mexican, or so I heard. He was delightfully cute… but at the moment, standing on the other side of the wide party hall, oh so conveniently out of reach.

             This was a birthday party for Marissa, a girl in my grade. She’d given an invite to everyone in the ninth grade (myself included) and even a few upperclassmen, and had made sure that everyone knew it’d be a “formal party – so be sure to dress to impress!” I’d never heard of a “formal” birthday party before – at least not one intended for kids our age – so I’d found the whole experience of donning a dress and heels and walking into a party hall clutching a twenty-five dollar gift card to Target a little... unfamiliar.

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Catplant ASMR

isfp here. and i love murakami & paulo coelho. thanks for this video 💕

Kristína Mitrová

I’m an Ne/Si user and I have always thought that the Ni/Se, Se/Ni way of writing was the “correct” way even though I would usually skip half of each of their descriptive paragraphs because as you said, it was too much information to keep in my head if I added in all my associations. I always tried to write that way and I always got unmitivated as a result and stopped writing. Now I understand why. For example in the work I’m currently working on the main character just meets his significant other and I keep scrapping the scene because everytime I read it, I think it’s just not descriptive enough, even though I like it. But I always think that if someone else reads it, they won’t make the same associations in their brains as I do from the simple words used in that scene, and thus they won’t get the same experience and as an author, I want to convey the same experience I have from that scene. But I think after watching this, I’ll just say eff that and write the way it comes naturally to me.

Neo D'Lehoko

Yeah. You know, I think it's good that we're understanding more of the nuances of our own psychologies as writers and those of the readers. It definitely changes your attitude towards books that you loved vs books that you couldn't really get into despite their popularity.

Before I knew about this, I knew I was trying to compromise something, but I couldn't figure out exactly why it was that I was struggling to just write naturally. Maybe I wasn't sure what "naturally" even is. But I'm definitely gonna experiment with this some more!

Kristína Mitrová

Neo D'Lehoko I guess it’s about compromise but always keeping in mind that if we take it too far with the descriptions it will kill us along with our story lol 😄. I definitely am going to be more liberated with my way of writing, but since there are still Se/Ni, Ni/Se users in the world and among readers, I feel like I still am going to be mindful of them and include some detailed description here and there. I just am not going to be enslaved by the Se/Ni, Ni/Se way of writing anymore, because now I know that’s really not me and what’s the point of writing, which is a form of self-expression if it’s not you, I guess.


Other Ne/Si will get you ! Even though I agree it's important to keep the readers in mind while writing, we also have to trust them and restrain ourselves from explaining too much (like you, I'm always tempted to detail more / explain my weird associations) : we're usually understood, and the most obscure paragraphs are even the most evocative ! if we're not understood, no problem, everybody experiences words differently so obviously nobody will have the exact same understanding as us. What matters is that they'll find meaning anyway !

Neo D'Lehoko

Kristína Mitrová I relate to absolutely everything you just said, and I was going to comment it myself, but my comment was getting too long.

Good to know I'm not the only person who skips past - or doesn't focus on - really long descriptions. I just forget all those details if I can't make them meaningful in that moment.

And for the same reason as you I end up adding more descriptions to my writing so that the reader can share my mental image at least to a reasonable level.

Should we do that? Should we not? Is it about compromise? I don't know.

Darlene Christine

I am a Ne/Si who writes often (mostly for fun!) and I find myself feeling like...describing an item should not take more than one sentence. So I try to find the perfect simile or adjective to pretty much get to the point. Like, I understand that I need to establish a scene but I will do so as concisely as possible or leave a lot for the reader to fill in mentally. Or sometimes I find I don't describe things well enough at all. Like, while I writing my piece, I'll mention the character saw a gust of wind blow their window's curtain, but I WON'T describe the color of the curtain or the placement of the window or ANYTHING, which works for me but probably not for types who need a more concrete grasp on the character's environment.

When I AM reading Se/Ni, I find myself pretty much mentally establishing how characters look and how the scene looks based on my own association from my past experiences and skimming through the rest of the descriptions (until I realize I missed an important part!) I'm rambling, but thank you for the video, ladies - This was super interesting! - ENFP

Modern Aristocracy

I’m currently reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and the first thing I noticed was how she gives a general mood for the room, describes the room in detail, and then tells how it makes her feel. I think the author, and therefore the main character are ISFP.


My favorite authors always tended to be come out to be INFPs and INFJs.
I'm an INTJ, myself. I think something about those types just makes for really good writing.


TheAwakenedINFJ in stories in particular, probably because of their deep insight into emotional systems, ideals, and so on. I would like to add that writing this comment I was thinking of fiction and poetry and fantasy, which I used to read a lot of, also poetry and so on. Even movies and art .. I find and tend to seek emotion in artistic expressions and art forms, and those types do so, so profoundly.. or at least in a way that I can glean my own profundity from. When it comes to written thoughts of a more logical nature or a book about ideas/more non fiction type genres, then INTJ writers stand out... but don’t we all resonate easier to those whose minds resonate similar to theirs.

BTW, I just watched The Pianist (was curious why it was a favorite) and plan to read Lo Li Ta now.

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