The Piano Duet
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Sarah Emily

I have always loved how instead of having these characters argue again, this movie takes the unconventional route and has them communicate via the piano, with Victor playing the higher, more optimistic notes. And Emily playing the lower and more somber ones. Seperated, the melody feels disjointed. But together, it's pure harmony. What a beautiful scene.

Carol Delso

Wow I literally thought I was the only one who saw the duet like that!!☺️😋

belly zz

i was just thinkin bout that!

Michy C.

Beautifully said 💛

Wyatt Williams

Emily: pardon my enthusiasm
Victor: I like your enthusiasm

Carol Delso


Foxy the Pirate

No. No God please.


@Alma DeElpida omg same😂

Alma DeElpida

Me: fan girls when he says he likes her enthusiasm


When you're mad at them, but still want to play songs together.

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