Will Hunting
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I still find it amazing that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were the two who wrote this movie. Incredible.


@Bigdaddyswagmoney only watch it if you are willing to have your heart ripped out.

h.h holmes.

Shoegaze Based Genre


douglas nunes

@Bigdaddyswagmoney watch urgent!! it´s amazing!

Roger Michou

@Winduct 27

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Andrea Giallombardo

Rest in peace Robin Williams you beautiful man.... forever in the world's hearts x

Kushan Shah

It's so sad that the man who uplifted lives of millions committed a suicide because of depression. RIP Robin. You'll always be remembered.

traveler 7

Eric “That son of a bitch stole my line”


+Kushan Shah Lewy body dementia and Parkinson's played a big roll. Those combined with depression is what caused it. At best he had about three years left. I don't think he wanted to go out being a shriveled up old prune. RIP Robin. Btw this movie is a classic. 10/10.. "I gotta go see about a girl"

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