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Dance With Me
Dario Marianelli Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dario Marianelli:

Cry Me a River Now you say you're lonely You cry the whole night thorough W…
I Found a Reason Oh I do believe In all the things you say What comes…
Knives and Bullets (and Cannons Too) (Instrumental)…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is a masterpeice:
Starts with two different melodies
They try and harmonise
Breifly come into sync with eachother, but never quite become more then the sum of their parts
They start fighting to take the lead
Try and dominate the other
Then open war breaks out

Harvey Specter

Yes and it was used for a dance. She wore black and he wore all white. Like yin and yang. Opposites but inseparable. Anna and her count.


@Keely Fandel No, we dont care.

Percy Jackson

You, my friend, have a wonderful taste for music and beauty in general, bravo

Glitter Grasshopper

This is such a genius piece. From the very beginning, nothing about it is particularly happy, it only gives off that teasing and flirtatious mood Anna and Vronsky start their dance in, but immediately starts showing small elements of something sinister with the way some notes seem just a bit off but not actually off, for a short while it sounds beautiful and melodic as the two soon-to-be lovers are lost in each other, and then the beautiful crescendo and "chaos" of it truly capture Kitty's jealousy and what she hopes is paranoia, as well as the clucking tongues in the room and Anna's descent into decadence in the eyes of society.

Sam O' sullivan

@Cindy J Quite literally as it turns out!

Cindy J

indeed. it develops a dissonance that predicts the relationships will slide off the tracks.

Lucas M

Sounds like Tchaikovsky with a bit of Shostakovich.

Unsent Letters


Jitka Konařová

And in 3:37 comes Wagner😀

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