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The Dominoes Fall
Dario Marianelli Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dario Marianelli:

Cry Me a River Now you say you're lonely You cry the whole night thorough W…
I Found a Reason Oh I do believe In all the things you say What comes…
Knives and Bullets (and Cannons Too) (Instrumental)…

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@Festina Lente If you really want to change a system you do not wait for opportunity, you create it. And the moral question is always confused, smaller morality may harm greater morality, and greater the smaller.

We live on this world a very short time, to do our part in trying to empower people you must first ask yourself how far you are willing to go to do it. If you have no limit in what you will do then you are a thing to truly be feared, if you have many limits then you are limited in what you can do.

In the order of importance of change, cultural is the most important, economic the second and political the third. Cultural change leads to people changing the way they look at their every day life (most of which is economics) and a change in economic perspectives makes people change their political outlook.

Problem is that cultural change is nigh impossible to bring about but it is the most permanent. While political change is the easiest but also most temporary.

The masses will never fully understand the cultural features behind their economic decisions even if they are aware of them but they will base most of their political decisions off of the history of their economic decisions. This lack of understanding the root of the cause of attitudes is what makes change so hard.

Changing one's character is insanely difficult. Changing another person's is even harder. Coupled with the lack of understanding and you see why the world is the way it is.

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"I had to see it. There wasn't much left. But when I was there it was strange. I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected. It's like I could see the whole thing, one long chain of events that stretched all the way back before Larkhill. I felt like I could see everything that happened, and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern, laid out in front of me. And I realized we're all part of it, and all trapped by it."

Caleb Newman92

This is how I feel now. "Duck Hunt: 2022." Twitter must die.

Deep Space Angel

Ohh yess.

David Altemose

Such is the way of the world.

The Mighty .Chicken

+Dashing Knight "Prank and guess, with so much chaos someone will do something stupid; and when they do, things will turn nasty.

And then Sutler will be forced to do the only thing he knows how to do, at which point all V needs to do is keep his word and then...."

*dominoes start to fall*

Dashing Knight

+Sir Pandalot "So do you know whats going to happen?" "No....But I can guess".


One of the most impressive scenes in movie-history.


@Fool's Requiem It took 200 hours to set dominoes once. I've read they had to build it 4 times.

Dragun YT


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