Long Way To Be Happy
Darlene Love Lyrics

]It's a l[G7]ong way, [D]Ah, it's a [G7]long way
[D]A long way, [G7]a long way

[D]It's a long way to be [G]happy
[D]I just don't know if I[G] can take it
[D]It's a long way to be [G]happy
F#m B7 Am?7I wonder if I'm gonna make it

[F#m7]Nothing I do seems like any [G]fun to me
[F#m7]You just don't know what losing him has [G]done to me
[Em]It's the middle of June but it [G]feels like December
[Em]So little to look forward to [G]and so much to [A]remember[A7]

It's a long time to smile againI just don't know if I can do itIt's a long time to smile againI wonder if I'm gonna get through it
I got to find a way to get a hold on myself againBefore I even try to give my love to someone else againThere are tears to be cried, I'm too close to rememberNo tears can be born until the old ones have given

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Comments from YouTube:


Spector was a genius full stop. Such a body of work that included leftfield magic like the Dion album and the Ramones as well as the big hits era wall of sound stuff.

Frank Shifreen

the combination of Carole King- Phil Spector- Darlene Love - Brill - this is such a great song

pete groover

solid gold,so much talent back then,this is magical,thank god for us northern fans finding and playing these superb tunes

Andy Lockett

remarkable recording - Spector was indeed a flawed genius


Top drawer Anthony. What a backbeat

Bobo Mbutu

As I listened to this and read your description I felt as part of-in the music.Her voice is a stunning powerhouse.That Wall Of Sound propelles everything forward,it's incredible.And very powerful.Truly awesome.Thank you very much for uploading this.Was this taken from an acetate disc or tape?


When I first heard this, I freaked. The track has hit all over it. This I think was used as Things Are Changing commercial, but in a augmented form. Anyhow, nice to hear this!!!


I listened to this in headphones once and it felt like each sound has it's own slot, it's own frequency index, it felt like an audio painting. Magic! There's nothing like it. Timeless perfection.

Richard Leonard

Darlene , besides singing in her own inimitable fashion , looks fabulous in these photos.

Frank Shifreen

A great great song - great production - shows that Spector was a genius and a nut too. Heard this song bought it on a Darlene Love collection thanks for posting

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