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by Darlingside

There was a time
How did we go about it?
Once step at a time
Now we're happy standing still
I love you still
Everything stays just like the old days
We get a sip and then we sip it 'til it's dry
Count all the ways
Just like the good days
We get a whiff and then it's with us 'til we die
Still, it's with us, still
Still, I love you, still
And now a message from our sponsors
We will be with you momentarily
What's that sound? It's awful quiet
But I know that sound, maybe we still got it
Still, we got it, still
When do these days become the old days?
This place gets dustier the more we let it in
Count all the ways just like the good old days
Take a number and we'll go around again
Still, we're going, still
Still, we've got it, still
Still, it's with us, still
Still, I love you, still
We do appreciate your patience
Your satisfaction is our first concern
Locate the nearest exit
Carry on, don't get my started
It's what we've got
It's what we wanted
Still, we want it, still
Still, we got got it
Still, it's with us
Still, I love you, still

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