Darpan Lyrics

We call up on celestial realms,
the Angelic beings, the planetary guides and protectors,
and the ascended ones
to bless mankind and to be present here with us.
We call up on the Divine light of Love, Truth and Harmony
to shine in places that need healing and guide our way.
We ask for these blessing with great reverence,
from our Mother – the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, the Stars,
the Sun – our Father.
May we always remember we're pure consciousness,
the essence of Life, the source of all things.
May we find the courage to let go fear and the pain of past conditioning.
Let us walk upon the Earth gently, as true Spiritual Warriors,
into dimentional midwifes giving birth to our True self.
Letting go of separation, evolving beyond limitation
into divine self-expression thereby assisting into a co-creation
of a dawning light filled world.
Om Shanti, Shanti…

Contributed by William S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Elisabeth Vaagland

Love and light <3


peace and love brother...

Jazmin Alvarez

Como puedo encontrar una versión traducida en español? 🙏♥️

Eva Driessen

Thank you Avi

Rab Adamson

beautiful words

Anne Westenbrink

Om Shanti , Shanti, Shanti !

Pao Monzón


Fabian Parra

Hernán Cattaneo

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