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Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 7
Darren Styles Breeze & Hixxy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Hixxy:

Brother Someday we'll meet again One day we'll speak again I never…
Come Together Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can…
Dream to Me All my life It's changing every day In every possible way …
More And More I feel the rhythm more and more I like to jump…
Music Is My First Love I'm taking no religion No religion's taking me Now theres …
Sacrifice Don't you look behind You got a long, long way to…

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Comments from YouTube:

Walter Schivo

I love track 5, it's from Double Dutch!

Andy Myers

After Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 5 & 6, hearing this mix back in 2010 made me so happy. Made me truly believe Hardcore was back, making music that catered for the hardcore punters in the raves and not the maintstream boppers that likes weak half-hearted hardcore similar to dancey club music. That's why i was gutted that CXTH8 and 9 were so completely and desperately different but detrimentally so. If we could simply press reset and go back to this point in time and forget the dubsteppy era of Hardcore that plagued us all from v.late 2010 onwards, starting again from this style of Hardcore I would be so happy. We can all dream yea?

Dan Smith

Getting Better is such a fuckin tune. Whenever it kicks in unexpectedly it just takes me to another level.


Only CD I aint got need it to put with my collection htid

William hill

Darren.styles gets the tune selection bang on for an all time classic mix.
For me best ever. Fukn epic masterpiece.

Darren Renforth

This is the best Mix that Darren Styles has done so far so good in history

Scott Evans

No it's not

Daniel Gunning

Volume 4 disk 1 was pretty special also

Theresa Dove Music

your other vids to check out section - SO thoughtful!!!!!!!!! bless <3

Ma dixynormus JJAKEE

Htid till I die ......sleep when were dead ......

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