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You're Shining
Darren Styles Breeze & Hixxy Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'You're Shining' by these artists:

Darren Styles feat. Mark Breeze I feel alive Now I can breathe again I call your name My…
Styles & Breeze I feel, alive I feel, alive I feel, alive now I can breathe…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Hixxy:

Brother Someday we'll meet again One day we'll speak again I never…
Come Together Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can…
Dream to Me All my life It's changing every day In every possible way …
More And More I feel the rhythm more and more I like to jump…
Music Is My First Love I'm taking no religion No religion's taking me Now theres …
Sacrifice Don't you look behind You got a long, long way to…

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Comments from YouTube:

Emma K

Who’s still listening to this banging tune in 2020? ❀️

Soyman the Sorceror


Tiger Roll


Paul Hazley

Still here in 2021!

Amanda Jai

Me 😊

Dave Harker

2021. ;)

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Honestly this generation just dont know how good music was... the whole scene..

Joshua Stevens

I'm 23 and I'm with you lot! Sod the stuff they churn out nowadays. I much prefer this.


this is the type of music i listen to every day, but to the generations before us, and after us they dont vibe with it the same. Its fast and not depressing. Sadly this is exactly what i want to maintain myself mostly. And the nice thing with this music is it pushes the limits, it isnt vulgar, and it possesses you and makes you feel alive.However at the same time my brain is attuned to have it act as a metronome of sorts in the back of my head and keep me positive and allow me to become posseses with its presence, not possesed into its attention. A lot of the older generation just doesnt have the ears for anything thats complex or too fast, and the new generation is caught up with whats trendy and they dont have the ears for it either. Its like they are depressed inside.

not don

You don't need to generalize. I'm 16 and have been listening to HHC and Freeform all my life.

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