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Dave Brubeck Lyrics

Because all men are brothers wherever men may be
One Union shall unite us forever proud and free
No tyrant shall defeat us, no nation strike us down
All men who toil shall greet us the whole wide world around.

My brothers are all others forever hand in hand
Where chimes the bell of freedom there is my native land
My brother's fears are my fears yellow white or brown
My brother's tears are my tears the whole wide world around.

Let every voice be thunder, let every heart beat strong
Until all tyrants perish our work shall not be done
Let not our memories fail us the lost year shall be found
Let slavery's chains be broken the whole wide world around.

Written by: TOM GLAZER

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Comments from YouTube:

Curtis Hare

J. S. Bach would love it.

Felipe de J. Cervera


Sam Wizer

This is the most optimistic version of this song I've heard. I love Brubeck and Desmond, but I don't think they conveyed the emotion this song intends.


When I was in college (72-80), I went to a concert to hear Brubeck.  I was overcome with awe at the group's tight sound and impressive leads.  This is an example of what I heard that night, a wonderful rendition of a song from a time period that caused great depression and loss.  They play the more upbeat section representing patriotism, God and apple pie, impressively.

Angelina Souren

@Ronette Pulaski Ha ha ha ha ha. Good one.

Ronette Pulaski

you really took a long assed time getting through college ... maybe you needed a few more nights studying and not out at concerts

lakis diakogiannis

BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME(Harburg-Gorney) from:Dave Brubeck Quartet:”Brubeck Time”. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! with this music of Dave & Paul I started to learn alto and I play until now (I am 70). 100% jazz!!!

killian mcphillips

lakis diakogiannis to

Anna Déinyan

The Sax Solo gives me LIFE

Mert Lassonde

Makes me want to cry.  Love those guys.

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