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She said a hundred times
She said a thousand times

Overall Meaning

The lyrics in the American Baby Intro by Dave Matthews Band are simple yet profound. The repeated line "She said a hundred times, she said a thousand times" could hold many different interpretations. One possible interpretation is that the singer is remembering a conversation he had with a loved one who made a statement repeatedly, perhaps emphasizing its importance or trying to convince him of something. The repetition of the line could also represent the persistence and resilience of memory, as if the singer couldn't forget what was said no matter how hard he tried.

Another possible interpretation is that the repetition of the line represents the cyclical nature of life, where events and conversations happen over and over again but in slightly different ways. The line could also represent the concept of time, where the past keeps repeating itself and we keep coming back to the same memories and experiences. Overall, the American Baby Intro lyrics are open to interpretation and might mean something different to each individual listener.

Line by Line Meaning

She said a hundred times
She repeated this statement numerous times, possibly to emphasize its significance or to ensure that it is understood clearly.

She said a thousand times
She repeated this statement countless times, suggesting that it is an important or pressing matter that needs to be understood or addressed.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: David John Matthews, Mark Christopher Batson, Boyd C. Tinsley, Leroi H. Moore, Carter A. Beauford, Stefan K. Lessard

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Comments from YouTube:

Steven Powers

Long time DMB fan. He really nailed it on this one.

Joshua Nieves

Goosebumps every time i Hear this


It is super crazy song for sure

Raymond May


Drew Ostaszewski

Isn’t strange that American baby’s intro is more liked than the song American baby especially amongst DMB fans

Logan dogan

Well, I love American baby so much. But yeah. I agree

yoav F

the best version hands down. No other version comes close... is voice is on this show.. perfect. this is Dave at his best vocally.... stoked about his version!

Ash Hayward

yoav fischer you really have no idea....9/11/05.

Christinacd C

This is why I love DMB they do not play the same songs every night and you never know what will happen at a show and they sound amazing :)


Everyone talking about Boyd on here and Dave’s voice but carter was on fire during this set, the breakdown halfway with the syncopated bass/snare/hi-hat just pulls the whole band any point I can picture Carter smiling, staring at Boyd

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