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Crazy Easy
by Dave Matthews Band

Oh, I'm lost for words
seeing you like a lonely bird
in a crowded room
everything's gone but you
oh, I get thrills to say
everything inside just twisted
and more like a mirror fell
looking glass say all of that man
had her gone way inside my head, yeah

took a little last ___
just the strength to come up and say,
"Hey, how you doing, babe?
oh you make me forget myself
and I don't even know your name."

Now crazy, wanna ___ a fire
you know like I'm crazy
staring across tonight

So on this on playground
stop ___ falling yeah yeah
yeah yeah you've stolen me through and so
from the point on, I swear I can't predict
anything that's going to go on but
you said you did your best
you said you did your best
but not to me
I overheard you talkin' to a friend
oh, fate would have it me lies soon
if I could just turn on

You're crazy, you stole me tonight
I did a fall crazy
you ain't even caught me live for

Just two just two of us are waiting
it's almost embarrassing
that I could be so fast
but you don't even know
you don't even show
all in for yeah

Like it's all ____ time you did

Won't you dance with me, babe

I swear you're crazy
I'd a full list tonight
I told him that's crazy
he didn't even want to step out tonight
I saw you, ah yeah yeah...
love the light in you, shine on me
oh yeah yeah, love, let the light shine on me
there baby, it's all again

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