Prelude: Tallis the Messenger
David Arkenstone Lyrics

Echoes of an ancient time
live inside your mind.
Why don't you set them free?
Let your visions breathe.

Windows to the mystery
open your eyes and see!

Take all of the dreams you need.
Jewels in a turqoise sea
spark your memory.
You will awaken now.
Let your heart be strong.

You will finally understand
he power you hold in your hands.
Your journey begins tonight!

I am the Messenger, listen to me.
The words I bring are your destiny.
I am the Messenger...

Contributed by Luke T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

L.L. Mistycah

This is one of my all time favorite songs, one that inspired me when I was at a real dark place and wanted to check out. My husband found this album, put head phones on my ears, turned on the CD and after a good cry, it brought me back to life! Thanks David! Your music is truly transforming!


One of my favorite artists, especially his older works, and a major influence musically. Thanks for posting!

Barefoot Bran

That's awesome! Never heard him sing before. Good voice! Continues to amaze...


It's the opening track on "Quest of the Dream Warrior". An awesome album.

Brad Emlet

Quest of the Dream Warrior is the first album of his I've heard back 18 years ago. This entire album is fantastic!!! If you enjoy this piece find "The Voice" it's on the same album. What an artist!!

European Content Maker

David's music is so inspiring. I didn't realise how good his voice is.


Love this album. Thanks


For anyone that's wondering, the song itself is an edited version of Prelude: Tallis The Messenger. It's from the album, Quest Of The Dream Warrior.


That was Arkenstone singing? Nice voice there. And I like the music.


Hot dude! Love your music. Pure art.

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