The Dragon's Breath
David Arkenstone Lyrics

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love this song, my infant was crying for 30 min, played this and she instantly calmed down


She could be the Dovahkiin 😳

Jovani Araujo


Erin W.



When i listen to this and i've listened very often, i imagine seeing a blue scaled dragon, it's me, laying on the floor, then i stand up, spread my wings, which lift me off the ground, taking me into the air, i fly around a while, seeing the eternity of the sky and much more, also places which i never saw before, hidden for humans, but visible for dragons, i fly around, at the end of the song, i imagine, flying back and laying back down.

adam flory

Such an imagination 👍🏼 that’s cool 😎

Kaley Mcinnis

thats so beautiful


one of my favorite songs, i can sit in a trance for hours just listening to this song over and over and i'd never get tired of it. i told my mother about this song and told her if i was to die in combat i wanted this song played at my funeral. this album as well as this song puts me back into my peaceful relaxed state.

Silly Yak

Me too

Paulo Ferrarezi

Same here, bro!

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