The Turning Of The Year
David Arkenstone Lyrics

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Craig Allen Photography

I just discovered Mr. Arkenstone a few days ago and I cannot get enough of his music and particularly this album. Absolutely beautiful. Here are the time stamps for people:
00:00 Riding on Wings of Mercy
06:06 Skyward
10:12 Flutterings From the Autumn Trees
14:25 Beyond the Intimate
17:33 Relying on the Confidence of Ignorance
21:50 Stormclouds
25:44 The Dying of the Light
31:03 In Remembrance of a Leaf
34:40 The Persistent Memory
38:18 Winter is Coming
42:28 Butterflies
46:47 We Are Free When Heavens Fall Away
51:06 I Reached Out My Hands and Touched Eternity
56:47 The Last Rays of the Golden Afternoon

Brianna Marino

Oh my David! You have truly outdone yourself with this album that conjures up intimate elements of a vivid Autumn Dream. The Visions of Fall that these melodious masterpieces ignite are truly splendorous! The tender harmony of the strings swept me away and I became lost in a maze of blazing hues of glory. I found myself swirling in a sea of dancing crimson leaves and I clearly heard the crisp sound of the autumn wind rustling through majestic trees. This album is an absolutely exquisite journey through the Turning of The Year. BRAVO MAESTRO!

Alan McRae

One of the many peaceful Arkenstone playlists that creates the perfect atmosphere for my work. I need to concentrate, but I also need to block out the insanity of the world. David Arkenstone is like the old wise man at the top of the mountain who holds a lantern that others might see & know The Way. Thank you sir!

Alan McRae

I keep playing this over & over - it is a playlist of utterly sublime music that gently tugs at heart & soul. Exactly like Fall. Adding The California String Quartet to David Arkenstone is pure magic. Suddenly I am wistful and missing my Father & Mother, and dear friends who have passed away - like leaves in Autumn. But this music says that it is okay. It is only the Turning of the Year and Spring, with its renewal of life, will come again. It is the Way of Life. Peace descends...

electronica 2670

Gracias, gracias, gracias. Es todo un viaje increíblenente hermoso. Gracias ☺️

Jean Glenn

Peace...Ultimate Peace. Beautiful😌❤