Everyone Says 'Hi'
David Bowie Lyrics

Said you took a big trip
They said you moved away
Happened oh, so quietly
They say

Shoulda took a picture
Something I could keep
Buy a little frame
Something cheap
For you

Everyone says hi

Said you sailed a big ship
Said you sailed away
Didn't know the right thing
To say

I'd love to get a letter
Like to know what's what
Hope the weather's good
And it's not too hot
For you

Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi

Everyone says
Don't stay in a sad place
Where they don't care how you are
Everyone says hi

If the money is lousy
You can always come home
We can do the old things
We can do all the bad things
If the food gets you leery
You can always phone
We could do all the good things
We could do it, we could do it,
We could do it
Don't stay in a bad place
Where they don't care how you are

Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
And the girl next door
And the guy upstairs
Everyone says hi
And your mum and dad
Everyone says hi
And your big fat dog
Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
Hi hi hi hi

Written by: DAVID BOWIE

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Comments from YouTube:

Vidar Smestad

This track were also featured in the PS2-game "Amplitude", totally kick-ass.

Andrew Boyko

I’d kill for a best of soundtrack of this game on vinyl. With so many older games getting vinyl soundtrack releases these days this would be a stand out hit.

Anyone Who's

literally how I even know this song exists. Beat amplitude on the hardest difficulty multiple times during my childhood. Instant classic my dood. And a big fat dog. Oh my god, incredible super star.

Matthew Richard

Almost every song on that game was specially made for the game so the version would be slightly different then the original release. And most of the non top 40 songs where made by groups that Plat Station commissioned to work on a song of a certain genre. FizzyPop was manufactured for the game and actually had a small musical career after the game (they did that Super Sproad song)

Donald Barrett

Yes It was. I have the disc too. Mates had it on their chipped PS2 back in the day


+Vidar Smestad thank you so much for that bit of information; it also seems that the Metro remix was specially commissioned for the game.


This will forever be my favorite song from Amplitude. It's a shame so few people know about it.

Chris Wright

+MinkyBoodle44 That's how I heard it too. Come to think of it I don't think I'd even know about it now without taking that leap of faith and splurging $70 on a PS2 game when I didn't even own a PlayStation, I just spent a lot of time at a friend's house who did. Best music related decision I've ever made!

Serreina Wass

This song makes my heart feel like home again for the first time in over 15 years.

Chris Wright

I agree, I love Davie and tons of his songs, but this one stands out as probably the greatest of them all, because it's basically a message from beyond, he's talking to us from the afterlife. David knew he didn't have all that long left on this earth and so he gives us these uncanny posthumous thoughts in songs he recorded long before they would ever reach full significance. I don't even know how he could pull of such a feat, but his mind was one of rare artistic insight.

I think even he himself would not be able to explain the true significance of the metaphors in this song, but deep down his subconscious was a masterful genius, profoundly wise, and also kind. He wanted to share what he knew about the universe, because at the end of the day he was warm-hearted and caring, he liked his fellow man, as he liked himself. He had fascinating insights to share, and share he did, in spades.

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