The Bewlay Brothers
David Bowie Lyrics

And so the story goes they wore the clothes
They said the things to make it seem improbable
Whale of a lie like they hope it was

And the good men tomorrow had their feet in the wallow
And their heads of brawn were nicer shorn
And how they bought their positions with saccharin and trust
And the world was asleep to our latent fuss
Sighings swirl through the streets like the crust of the sun, the Bewlay Brothers
In our wings that bark
Flashing teeth of brass
Standing tall in the dark
Oh, and we were gone
Hanging out with your dwarf men
We were so turned on
By your lack of conclusions

I was stone and he was wax so he could scream and still relax
And we frightened the small children away
And our talk was old and dust would flow
Through our veins and though it was midnight back at the kitchen door
Like the grim face on the cathedral floor
The solid book we wrote cannot be found today
And it was stalking time for the moon boys, the Bewlay Brothers

With our backs on the arch
And if the Devil may be here
But he can't sing about that
Oh, and we were gone
Real cool traders
We were so turned on
You thought we were fakers

And now the dress is hung, the ticket pawned
The factor max that proved the fact is melted down
Woven on the edging of my pillow
And my brother lays upon the rocks
He could be dead, he could be not, he could be you
He's chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature
Shooting up pie in the sky
Bewlay brothers
In the feeble, in the bad
Bewlay brothers

In the blessed and cold
In the crutch-hungry dark
Was where we flayed our mark
Oh, and we were gone
Kings of Oblivion
We were so turned on
In the night walk pavilion

Lay me place and bake me pie I'm starving for me gravy
Leave my shoes, and door unlocked I might just slip away

Just for the day, ay
Please come away, ay
Just for the day, ay
Please come away, ay
Please come away, ay
Just for the day, ay
Please come away, ay
Please come away, ay
Please come away, ay
Please come away, ay

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Written by: DAVID BOWIE

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Oppothumbs M

A really haunting complex song that is inscrutable. 
And the good men of tomorrow (war heroes)
Had their feet in the wallow (trenches)
And their heads of brawn (jingoism)
Were nicer shorn (crew cuts)
And how they bought their positions (rank) with saccharin (ingratiating attitude) and trust (loyalty)
Interpretation: The good men of England went off to war, patriotic and positive, dutiful. Yet, they were lied to.
Back in England: "And the world was asleep To our latent fuss" because everyone's attention was on the war. So what was this "fuss"? Perhaps the sense of feeling crushed by conservative traditions that finally sparked the social revolution of the 60's. (Out with the shorn heads in with the long hair)
"Sang swirled through the streets" heralds the awakening of the Bewlay Bros who appear to be gargoyles alive and on the prowl, flying and stalking with there "backs on the arch" (hunched over). They are a byproduct of the "Whale of a lie", a great disillusion that swept through England.   "up high in the sky" strong references to drug use (heroin) which was inextricably linked to war veterans.

"We were so turned on (british for "under the influence of drugs" [not a sexual reference])

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This was Lou Reed's favorite Bowie song.

John T

@I-Z I agree. The fact he didn't do it live for 25 years or more says to me it was almost a " private/personal " song if you know what I mean ?


@Nell Tremagne The song does have meaning. He said, and I quote, "this wasn't just a song about brotherhood" and that "there're layers of ghosts within it." He also added that he felt an "urgency" to record it, and that the song was completed in the studio in one night. Clearly, the song held special meaning for him at the time.

Jacob Hutton

Awe 🥺


Mine too.

Some Brave Apollo

@exit 1Ø1 He didn't do heroin but he lived vicariously through people who were heroin addicts (1971-1975).

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love to all Bowie fans.

Diamond Geezer

Free_Gold...Much Love Back my friend.

Ingo Meyer

Love on you..i like the chair snaring sound in the intro...they left the microphone open❤🌌🌠

Jacob Hutton

Much love!!

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