Miss America
David Byrne Lyrics

I love America
Her secret's safe with me
I know her wicked ways
The parts you never see

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although you have a reputation
Can I afford?
Are you above my station?
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

I love America
But boy can she be cruel
I know how tall she is
Without her platform shoes

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although at time it might seem awkward
Don't run away
Oh don't you recognize me?
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

I kissed America
When she was fleecing me
And she know I understand
That she needs to be free

I miss America
And sometimes she does too
And sometimes I think of her
When she is fucking you

I love America
Siempre Confiado en ti
I love America
Porque me trates asi?

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although you pants are 'round your ankles
And when you're down
I'll be your Dirty Harry
It will be just like in the movies.

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although at time it might seem awkward
Don't look away
I'll be your teenage fanclub
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: DAVID BYRNE

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Comments from YouTube:

Paulo Ferreira

This song is a masterpiece.

Video has a lot of 90's references, the rhythm is pure Latin, joking with the America term when people just mention one country and forget the whole continent and the cultural diversity.

The lyrics is pure gold when comparing the US and the nationalism feeling with his Platonical relationship with a lap dancer. It's very funny the way he addresses the wicked internal issues that are covered by politics, also all the efforts that are made to look like the best model in the world. Immigration issues are addressed and the nationalism and love for the country even when the politics are made to explore people.

Very nice work from David Byrne!

Life's Laboratory

The term "American" is the adjective used to describe someone from the US. Unless US citizens start calling themselves "Unitedstatesians", this will not change. This is absolutely fine because the terminology is well understood and globally accepted. As a Canadian, I am not an American and would be rather insulted if I was referred to as such. Feel free to call me a North American though, as this is the continent I live in. (There are two continents in the Americas, BTW).

P.S. If you want an alternative poke at Americans listen to the original "American Woman" by the Canadian band "The Guess Who". The fact that this song was rerecorded and misrepresented as a patriotic song by actual Americans is hilarious. ;) Cheers!

Alex Orozco

Watching his videos confirms me everytime that I did a wise expense in paying for watching him play live. My god, this man should be a considered for some higher human achievement or anything in the sort. We don't know how much we'll have this entity in this very plane.


He's a human like you.


@daisy I would've cried for sure


I remember a show of his, too. He played solo on stage with an acoustic guitar probably🎙. As he went through a few songs, accompaniment joined from out of nowhere. And then there was a full band sound. And then the curtain dropped and he was backed by a huge band with big horn section. 🎷🎷🎺🎺

That was when i thought i wanted to marry David Byrne.

D Snelson Alexander Rex

I’ve always loved this song and had no idea it had a video. Couldn’t be a more profound message this day in age.


Que rock mais latino... cheio de balanço. Amei!


I love this song. So unconventional, groovy and contagious.

conner mccloud

I fucking love you you David . I have autism and no matter what I'm always in a good place listening to your music. Thank you thank you.. 33 yrs old and I listen to all genres but talking heads and your Solo stuff to me is its own genre and tops them all. Not even fucun kidding if I could listen to only one band , artist for rest of my life it would be you man. Also no gaymo either

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