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Celtic Rondo
David Garrett Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by David Garrett:

Dangerous Oh oh oh It’s dangerous Oh oh oh It’s dangerous You take…
How Many Times How many times do you wanna do this? To see that…
Io Ti Penso Amore Io ti penso amore Quando il bagliore del sole Risplende sul …
kashmir Whoa let the sun beat down upon my face Stars to…
Ma Dove Sei Ma dove sei (feat. Andrea Bocelli) Resta con me Non andar v…
Who Wants To Live Forever? There's no time for us There's no place for us What is…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


마음 아니 쓰셔도 되십니다~~^^

예수 당신을 만나기 전에~~
한국 프린스를 만났었다 라면~~
충분하게 가능한 사랑을 나누었을 유일한~~
한국의 소간지 이었고요~~^^

그런 사랑을 하기 전에~~
예수 당신에게~~
그레이스의 모든 마음을~~
빼앗긴 지금의 그레이스 이라는 것~~^^


걱정 마시고~~
맘껏 하시고 싶은 대로~~
누려 보시고~~
다스려 보세요~~^^

데빗 당신으로 인하여서~~
세상의 모든 사람들이~~
살맛 나는~~
세상이다 라는~~
쉬지 않고 할수 있도록~~
말씀 입니다~~^^

All comments from YouTube:

Hutdragon 256

My teacher at school gave us a quiz about this song and told we needed to hear it


This is that song that the weird teacher plays in school but everyone starts dabbing all extra quick to it

kayce kay

Brings out my Irish side.. Love my German side too !! Thanks David !

Alexandre G

Cette musique exprime une joie intarissable !

Jorge Uad


Microtutoriales Mareas


Camille Bouchard

J'adore cette interprétation CELTIC RONDO ++++ I like this interpretation CELTIC RONDO ++++

Nataly Zinzuk

Unbelievably beautiful music🌹 Your music makes our life enjoyable🎵Thank you🎵

Daniel Aziz

David... Enriqueces la Música.Soy tu fan No 1. Componentes algo de México. Thanke

Ana maria Jannello

Que buena, que movediza

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