The 5th
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I Love this song sooooooooooo much ^^

David Garrett

@Joke Lapani What country are you chatting me from?

Joke Lapani

Its called symphony no.5 no joke

David Garrett

@David Jablanović Hello

David Garrett

What country are you chatting from?

Татьяна Макаренко

Это же великий Бетховен!!!!!

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Steve Oreskovic

Little known fact: David Garrett grew his hair long so he can use it for bowstrings

Edna Cerqueira

I would you like to know and spend all the day with you! If possible to participate in the show with you ! I will never forget this moment in my life! Please, David Garrett, realize me this dream! I love you! Love your violin songs! Oh my God! Help me to know my dear idol, David Garrett! Edna sincerely love you ♥️🙏🎻👏👏

Marina Zakhar-off

If I were him I'd also dye my hair Red to match these moor-like eyes of his😹


Not true. He said it is because it is time consuming to keep getting his hair cut.

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