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Drozerah WebDev

The greet method should return a string type, not a function like console.log...

* @property {Function} greet A greeting with the name and age
* @returns {string} A string with the name and age of a given person
greet () {
return `Hello, my name is ${} and I am ${this.age}`

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mmtus tec

Brad Do a video on what to learn in 2020...Anyone with same idea like this comment

mmtus tec

@Caleb Mbugua Brathe Hadi Mimi niko Kenya.....'Hi from Kenya'

Bilal Baloch

Yes please. Will be waiting for it

Caleb Mbugua

@Traversy Media Heey Brad... Thank you very much for your endless contribution to the developer community...Lots of Love from Kenya...And eagerly awaiting for your VueJS series on the Node Master Class API....Thanks

Ilya Zhidkov

What to learn? Well, everything stays the same (for already 50+ years) algorithms, data structures and principles.

mmtus tec

@Traversy Media that cool bro, also update us on the tec in cloud computing, serverless architecture....much on the line

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Rutvik Shah

Waiting for 1 million subscribers 🔥

Balsa Mirkovic



@Traversy Media Keep Doing Brad. You're doing an amazing job and help a lot of people around the world, thank you very much. Wish you 10 million subscribers and only the high-budget projects)

Vaibhav Nadgonde

@Traversy Media You will reach 10M in no time Brad, you are one of the most Honest creators here and I really like to see your videos and Udemy courses. Keep coding and keep helping us :)

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